i150W: Taking A Break

There’s always a need for breaks, especially if you’re on the verge of burning out.

Taking breaks help in combating boredom and lack of motivation in our daily activity or work. It also gives us time to recharge and relax, and it helps in retaining information and reevaluating our goals.^ While there are many different types of breaks, they actually share the same purpose: to ease your mind of the burden you’re experiencing and help you focus on your activities.

Your mind is capable of producing ideas and thinking of solutions to problems. But just like a machine, your mind needs to rest from time to time or it will not function properly. That means, if you don’t take a break, there’ll be a possibility of burning out and losing your ability to work efficiently.

It’s important to take a break every once in a while. Don’t skimp on it.


Living The Otaku Life

The word otaku sounds incredibly cool to me. Anime and manga make the term way cooler than ever.


I was exposed to anime and video games back when I was a kid, something that leads me to this wonderful, fascinating obsession during my teenage years. Later on, I started reading and collecting manga, bought some anime merch, putting up anime posters in my room, and attending a couple of otaku events. And of course, I’m planning to write some anime-related content on this blog. So does that make me an otaku?

But before that, let’s define the word otaku. The word otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, making it similar to the words geek and nerd. While it is commonly associated with anime and manga fans, it can be also used to describe a person who is a big fan of any particular theme, topic, hobby, or form of entertainment.^ As cool as it sounds, however, the term is somewhat used in a derogatory manner in Japan (and probably in other countries), though it eventually becomes less negative in recent years.^

Going back to the question, can I call myself an otaku by simply being a fan of anime and manga? Well, it depends on how devoted you are. Normally, if you’re into watching a lot of anime and reading a lot of manga, collecting various anime merchandises and attending anime conventions and otaku events, then it’s safe to say that you’re an otaku. And it’s not just limited to anime and manga too.


Ever since I started watching anime shows on TV, I knew I’m about to head to this kind of obsession. At times, it gets even more interesting as more anime shows started airing on TV. Well, I just couldn’t get my eyes off the tube if my favorite anime comes up, and I don’t feel like doing anything else other than watching the show.

And since I become a fan of certain anime characters from different anime shows, I always tend to live up the craze by doing some research and downloading tons of images and wallpapers featuring my anime characters for my PC and my phone. Anyway, if I’m lured to that anime character, then it’s likely that I’m gonna enjoy the anime series/manga that he/she appears in. Back then, I always thought that some anime shows like D. N. Angel, Tokyo Underground, and Love Hina were interesting because I’m fascinated with some of these shows’ characters. And here I was, enjoying watching some episodes of my instant favorite anime shows on TV, though I never get to complete them until I start re-watching them online.

Later on, I started ditching drama shows (local and foreign) in favor of anime, and I’m slowly being lured to an otaku lifestyle. By the time I finished college, I started buying manga books which are part of being a book collector/bookworm. Later on, I start craving for more anime, and that’s how I ended up watching a few anime series that were never aired on free-to-air television such as Loveless, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, and xxxHolic. It was also around this time when I started buying some anime merch, particularly keychains, posters, and T-shirts.

Since 2017, I started attending a couple of otaku events, and this year would be my third time. Even though it felt kind of awkward for me to attend such events on my own, not to mention that I’m not familiar with some of the anime theme songs/J-pop songs and I still have limited knowledge on most of the seiyuus (Japanese voice actors), I still managed to have fun checking the booths, watching some parts of the event, and having selfies with the cosplayers. Right now, I’m getting used to this kind of life, though it’s uncertain if I’ll ever continue to be like that in the foreseeable future.

With my revived Twitter account @kcox105, I started following anitwitter accounts and retweeting a lot of anime and manga related posts. Of course, this is where I channel out my thoughts, anime-related or not. One of these days, I might revive my dying drawing skills and post some fan art on my account, or through my DeviantArt account (I’ve yet to create one, though).

There are some things I wanted to do, like cosplaying my favorite anime characters and writing fan fiction. Right now, I’m more focused on blogging and writing stories, and I need to have a job first in order to save up and fulfill my dream of becoming a cosplayer one of these days. Never mind if I’m too old for this, besides I still look young… even at 28 (at the time of this writing).


Living the otaku life sounds like an easy going life at first. But it takes more than watching anime shows and attending anime conventions in order to live this kind of life.

If I’m fond of watching a lot of anime shows, then at least I should write about it too. Since I’m not good at writing reviews, I’ll just write about my thoughts on the anime I’ve watched, as well as the manga I’ve read. Right now, there’s The Anime Diaries on this blog’s Tumblr counterpart, but writer’s block and lack of research skills hindered the series’ development so I ended up publishing one TAD post every three months. Despite this, I still want to pursue this plan in hopes of getting recognized by the otaku community, and start writing reviews and some anime-related stuff.

It’s great that I discovered a lot of anime (thanks to Twitter), but I’m having a hard time catching up due to a lot of anime releases every season. While I do enjoy some of the newer titles, I’m also into older anime series as well, particularly the ones that premiered in the 90s and the early to mid-2000s. I know that it’s slowly turning into an obsession, but I need to catch up on the great things I missed or else it’s all over for me.

Maybe it’s time to attend other anime conventions and some cosplay events while I still have the chance. Some of my followers, mostly from America and some parts of Asia (including the Philippines) and Europe, have already attended numerous anime conventions and otaku events. Right now, I’ve already attended a couple of otaku events which are held at a mall near my place. If ever I’m planning to attend an otaku event outside Quezon City-Fairview area, then there’s a chance that I’ll only attend the first or second day of the event, as long as it falls on a Saturday. And of course, I might need to save up for the tickets in order to get inside the venue, as well as for the souvenirs and some great anime merchandise like stuffed plushies, art books, shirts, posters, and other items.


Fascination leads me to this, and that’s how I ended up being an occasional otaku… well sort of.

Anime and manga are some of the things I really can’t part with, even when I reached 40. While I still can, I’ll probably dedicate my life to watching anime, reading manga books, listening to anime soundtracks and some J-pop music, attending anime conventions and otaku events, and probably doing some reviews on the anime I’ve watched over the years. After all, I still don’t consider myself too old for the otaku lifestyle.

6×6: The Six Set Of Lists About My Life And My Interests

Six years in the cyberspace… what a milestone, indeed!

For TWATKcox’s sixth year anniversary, I’m presenting you the six set of lists that tells everything about me and my interests.

The Six Things I Can’t Live Without

  • My desktop PC—As the person who spends a considerable amount of time in front of a computer (at most, about 10 hours a day), it’s no surprise that I can’t live without it. That’s where I did most of the writing/blogging stuff, as well as downloading tons of stuff, watching videos and listening to great music, playing video games, and anything you can imagine. Come to think of it, I’ve even gone for days without using it, though there’s always an alternative, which is my smartphone.
  • My smartphone—Just like my desktop PC, I also can’t live without my smartphone. Like any other millennials who are quite attached to their favorite gadget, you’ll probably see me with a smartphone in hand, especially when going out or at social functions. I just can’t help checking my social media accounts and doing some writing/blogging stuff on the go, plus selfies, mobile games, and music and videos. I don’t do some chat, though.
  • My bed—Ah, the comfort of sleeping in a nice bed, that’s one of the things I dreamed about. Well, my bed may not be that comfortable, but this is where I rest up for another day, complete with a lot of pillows and a thick blanket. Without it, I won’t be able to sleep.
  • Internet—I simply can’t imagine myself living in a world without the internet. I mean, I’m always online all the time, so my life really depends on it… well, certainly not to the point that I’ll die without it. But still, life without internet is like an egg sandwich without mayonnaise. In other words, my life wouldn’t be complete without it.
  • Money—Well, the best things in life aren’t really that free at all… at times, it needs silvery or golden coins and crisp paper bills. I’ll definitely need money to survive this tough world. Otherwise, it’s poverty for me. It does have to be just enough, though, too much of it isn’t really that good anyway.
  • Love—Just imagine feeling unloved by anyone… see if you’ll survive without it. Well, I can’t imagine being unloved by anyone too, especially by my loved ones.

The Six Things I Loved Doing

  • Writing—One of my earlier hobbies, though what I wrote during that time are nothing but pure nonsense, just short stories, and some stuff. Since finishing high school, I spend at least an hour or two a day writing stories, and later, blog posts.
  • Drawing—Aside from writing, I also loved drawing any kind of stuff, but it’s mostly sketches of people. I’ve started creating sketches of various fictional and imaginary characters, especially a spiky-haired dude named after my alternate name, Keihancarl X.
  • Cooking—It’s pretty much a typical house chore that I always do almost every day, but I can be creative with some recipes too. Of course, I’m also good at adding some twists to everyday dishes, but I’m not good at measuring ingredients so the results do vary. It’s basically a trial and error process, but at most, I usually get it right.
  • Listening to my favorite music—From time to time, I just keep on discovering some great tunes, which is mostly jazz and R&B music. While I’m also into classical music, they’re mostly limited to well-known composers such as Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and a few others.
  • Reading books—A book collector/bookworm since 2007, I’ve read a lot of books of different genres, including manga books. I often check bookstores for some good reads, bought some of them, and read some of the books I bought. Right now, I’m trying to revive this habit, which, unfortunately, was killed by a smartphone five years ago. And even if I struggled to read some of the pages within a limited time period, at least I’m still trying.
  • Watching anime—Anime is already part of my childhood (and young adulthood as well) so I always keep discovering and watching new and classic anime. Of course, I also rewatched the ones I’ve already watched on TV.

The Six Things I’m Fascinated With

  • Anime and manga—Anime and manga are some of my biggest fascinations in life, up to the point that I ditched watching TV dramas and reality shows in lieu of anime shows and stopped reading novels in favor of reading manga books.
  • Jazz music—Jazz music really makes my day wonderful. Just think of listening to some of the upbeat and lively jazz music on a weekly stroll makes it a perfect relaxation through a sunny Saturday afternoon.
  • Books—One of my obsessions is reading and collecting books, and this is how I end up with so many books on the shelves, and in my room. Right now, I’m focusing on collecting manga books and fantasy novels, but who knows what kind of books I’ll probably be collecting in the end… maybe I’ll start reading those adult novels again after so many years.
  • Fashion—I always have a knack for the unusual choice of clothing, like wearing a baseball jersey shirt on top of my anime shirt, or wearing a western style string bow tie with my collared shirt and a blazer. I’m also obsessed with wearing layered outfits, so jackets, coats, blazers, and knitted vests make up a significant portion of my wardrobe, as well as my a few colored polo shirts and some short-sleeved buttoned shirts. Of course, don’t forget my collection of plain red and striped black-yellow-white socks, as well as my sun visors and black fingerless gloves.
  • Beautiful scenery—There are places in this world that you certainly want to visit. But sometimes, the view of the trees by the hillside on a sunny day or the trees on the roadside really makes it a sight to behold.
  • The online world—A lot of great things can be found online. And of course, a lot of good stuff is up for grabs… albeit, digitally. It sure is a great way to reconnect with a long-lost friend, watch various stuff online, post a lot of blog entries, do online shopping, and research about the things you’re interested in like anime and music. And even when I go out (thanks to my smartphone and a great data offer), I can still keep tabs on my social media accounts and search for something online in case of emergency or sudden curiosity.

The Six Things That Make Me Smile

  • A cold, sunny morning—If I somehow get up on a cold, sunny morning, chances are I’ll probably go somewhere. Of course, it’s a clear sign that the weather will be fair and sunny all throughout the day.
  • A rare find—Whether it’s a book, a collectible item, or even a downloadable file… if it’s rare, it’s worth having.
  • Delicious food—Food really makes people smile, especially if it’s delicious. In my case, if it’s delicious and affordable, then I’ll definitely have it.
  • Amazing people—I may have met a lot of people in my life (mostly classmates or co-workers), but there are some people who never fails to amaze me… even if we don’t get to see each other for a long time. But among the amazing people, My Awesome Classmate sure is a really awesome fellow I’ve ever met, and certainly the person whom I hope to meet again.
  • Discoveries—It may come up all of a sudden, or probably I’m meant to. Anyway, if I discover something, my curiosity will surely keep up and whatever it is, I’ll be glad I did.
  • Weird thoughts—Sure, I’m a weird fellow. But being weird is something I really liked about myself. And of course, I certainly loved the ability to think of weird thoughts, which can totally make me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

The Six Unusual Things About Me

  • The way I dress—I dress differently from the rest of the crowd, but certainly not to the point that I’m completely out of this world. Well, if I can go out wearing an androgynous outfit, I bet some people couldn’t bear being seen in that ridiculously weird outfit. Well, at least that makes me a unique individual when it comes to fashion… or so I thought. I just don’t like anything too mainstream and too simple.
  • My daily rituals—My day is composed of checking a few sites related to infrastructure projects and development updates (especially malls) before surfing other sites, downloading tons of stuff, or writing articles and stories. I usually wash my hands and feet before eating and going to bed, as well as making sure that I double check everything before going out or turning in.
  • My weekends—I generally go out on weekends almost every week, either hanging out at a café or dessert place or going out on a mall-hopping trip. Staying at home on weekends is always a rare occurrence, but it’s mostly due to bad weather or when I feel like it.
  • Fascination with darkness—Well, what does fascination with darkness mean? An obsession with a dark room, or an obsession to negativity? To be honest, it’s kind of like both. I love staying in a dark room while thinking of dark thoughts, and it’s really scaring me at times. But of course, I certainly wouldn’t let it affect me that much like it’s a cause of concern for anyone closest to me.
  • I think about someone (and that someone is a guy)—I don’t know why, but My Awesome Classmate is really awesome, cute, and friendly. While we don’t see each other since high school graduation, I still think of him at times… especially by looking at his pictures on Friendster, and later, Facebook. It makes me kind of wish that we’re best friends, but I don’t think I’ll be able to establish that kind of friendship since he’s pretty much in a different league than mine. Still, that shouldn’t stop me from thinking of him at times.
  • Being a weeb… in an unusually weird way—I always love everything Japanese—anime, ramen, tonkatsu, matcha, manga, cherry blossoms, video games (especially RPGs), trains (especially bullet trains and subways)… anything for as long as it’s Japanese. But of course, I’ve yet to listen to a lot of J-pop and anime theme songs, watch anime in its original Japanese audio (I always prefer English dubbed versions because I don’t like subtitles very much), and enjoying an otaku event without feeling awkward (I’ve already attended a couple of otaku events on my own). Well, maybe I’m part-otaku, part-weeaboo, but most of the time it’s just the latter.

The Six Things I Wanted To Do And Achieve

  • Writing and publishing a novel—I’m a frustrated writer, but that shouldn’t stop me from achieving this literary goal. Even though I’ve already finished a couple of novellas and some poems and short stories, it’s still not enough. Maybe I could publish a novel on either Wattpad or Webnovel one of these days.
  • Traveling to my favorite destinations, in and out of the country—Right now, I just couldn’t do it since I’ll definitely need a lot of money to visit various tourist spots in and out of the country, try out various international cuisines, and shop for some collectibles. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to fly to my favorite destinations around the world and even write about it.
  • Covering notable events, especially otaku events—Well, I’ve already done this on The Keihancarl Diaries, but it’s pretty much a write-up done by an amateur writer and I tend to feature myself in some parts of these posts. Maybe I’ll try to do a much better job on it on the next POF (Pinoy Otaku Festival) event, the POF: Asobu 2019.
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind artwork, in either watercolor or oil—I’ve already done a few notable artworks, particularly the one wearing a military-style outfit (the one featured on this blog’s one of the previous headers), so maybe it’s time to polish my skills in painting. My mom did a few watercolor paintings, and I had to admit, it’s pretty nice… not to mention that she’s a fine arts student.
  • Doing a cosplay of my favorite anime character—Maybe I should try doing this at least once. Well, it’s not a bad idea to dress up as my favorite anime character(s), right?
  • Stay single—Nothing against marriage, but there are some people who would rather focus on their own careers than finding their one true love. But then, if it comes and I’m ready, then why not? Otherwise, I’ll just ditch romance for a stress-free life.


Well, these set of lists basically tells what I’m into these days, but of course, some of you already knew and read about those.

Six years came by pretty quickly. I never thought that I’ll actually make this far, but I knew that this is something I really love to do—blogging.

No case of procrastination, sickness, and lethargy can stop me from finishing this rushed post. It really sucks that I’ll actually have to deal with this feverish feeling, persistent cough, and headache in order to finish writing this, but I do hope you’ll enjoy reading this post (about me) all the same.

All right, I’m aiming for TWATKcox’s another year in the blogging world. I hope you’ll continue to visit this site often! Onward, TWATKcox!

It’s Kind Of Unusual… For Me

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the same routine, habit, and schedule every single day. It’s an obsession.

But there are times when I really need to stray from the usual schedule or routine for various reasons, which is kind of unorthodox in some cases. So if I’m used to going out on weekends, then it’s kind of unusual for me to go out on weekdays just to relax or do important errands. The same thing goes for staying at home on weekends, waking up earlier/later than usual, or going home earlier than usual (especially before dark). I just have to deal with it.

As for my habits, it could be that I need a break from doing it or I don’t feel like doing it at times. Well, it’s not a bad idea to try something different from time to time, right?

Anyway, here are some of the things and habits that I find unusual… for me.

Not Going Out On Weekends

I usually go out on weekends, since it serves as a break from the usual activities at home. Well, since I don’t have a job at the moment, I always spend weekdays at home surfing the net, doing house chores, and writing stories and articles. Most Saturdays, I go out on mall-hopping trips, checking the shops (particularly bookstores, supermarkets, and specialty shops) and having a nice sip of cappuccino frappe at a small café while writing a story on my smartphone. I generally spent my Sundays visiting my mom and my little sister if they’re at home or going on a mall-hopping trip by myself if they’re not at home.

Of course, there are times when I feel like staying at home on a certain Saturday, but it will be like spending another boring afternoon surfing the net or trying to finish an article… especially if it happens to be sunny all afternoon. It makes me wish I’d just go out instead.

Going Out On Weekdays

Just like not going out on weekends, going out on weekdays is pretty unusual for me. I don’t know, but it feels kind of weird going out on a weekday afternoon as this is where I’ll do most of the writing stuff as well as doing house chores, particularly going to the market, buying food, and cooking dinner. Besides, if I go out on a weekday, there’s a possibility I’m not going to enjoy it that much since I need to get home earlier than usual, which isn’t so like me at all.

There are exceptions to the rule, though. Christmas and New Year celebrations, doing important errands, and a rare urge to go on a mall-hopping trip (usually on Fridays) are some of the reasons for going out on a weekday. Anything else, these are best enjoyed on weekends.

Going Out On An Outing With Anyone Other Than My Family Or Relatives

I’ve been on an outing with my friends twice: one with my classmates from college, and another with my call center co-trainees. I have to admit, I feel like I’m completely out of place in these outings, at least on the latter. I don’t know, it’s just that I’m not comfortable being with anyone other than my family or relatives owing to my extreme case of shyness and introversion.

Waking Up Earlier Than Usual

Since I’m a NEET, I always enjoy the fact that I have a lot of time in my hands, and I get to stay up at night without having to worry about getting up early. As simple as that. So if I get up early, then that means I’m either preparing for a mall-hopping trip, a family outing, a visit to a relative, or an important appointment. Anything else would be kind of weird, knowing that I always go to bed at around 2:00 to 3:00 AM every day.

Going Home Before Dark

Since I always go out on weekends, I make sure to maximize every second of it by visiting shops (particularly bookstores, supermarkets, department stores, and specialty shops) and sitting at a café with a cappuccino in hand. On Sunday afternoons, I spend time with my mom and little sister. Well, I really enjoyed it so much that I had the tendency to go home late, usually on or before 10:00 PM.

Well, going home before dark is like cutting a trip short for some strange reason. While I wouldn’t mind going home early if it’s on a weekday, don’t expect me to do the same on weekends.

Not Wearing Layered Outfits

Wearing layered outfits seemed pretty cool to me, though it feels kind of hot at times.

Most of the time, I wear layered outfits whenever I go out. Every once in a while, I only wear a shirt without any jacket or blazer. As much as possible, I always make sure that I have something to wear on top of my shirt so I can still look cool and stylish. Never mind if the weather is hot or not, I’ll always stick to wearing layered outfits at all times.

Now, I imagine myself feeling naked without wearing a jacket… actually, not really. But of course, not wearing something on top of a T-shirt may reveal some unsightly flabs on my waist, and that’s not something I want others to notice. Also, if you don’t see me in my layered outfit(s), then it’s really wasn’t me… at all.

Wearing Shorts When Going Out

Back then, it’s not that unusual for me to wear shorts when going out. Right now, I don’t feel like wearing shorts anymore since I don’t want to expose my hairy legs. Aside from that, I also don’t want my legs getting exposed to dust and insects, which can lead to skin allergies and excessive itching.

Actually, I’m trying to look a few years younger in a cool-looking outfit, so it makes sense that I ditch shorts in favor of pants, preferably black slacks so I can hide the unsightly hair on my legs. In case you didn’t know, having unsightly hair on your legs gives an impression that you’re an adult.

Anyway, I still wear shorts while going to the market or the resort, but that was that. I can’t imagine myself wearing shorts while enjoying an afternoon shopping at a mall or attending an event, and I don’t want to risk my hairy legs get exposed to elements… and in public.


Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the same routine, habit, and schedule every single day. It’s an obsession.

Whether it’s unusual or not, it depends on the person. But if it’s something you don’t normally do and you’ve just done, then this is what you call unusual. Even others will notice that too.

#Throwback: Online (And Downloadable) Entertainment (2006-2008)

I was relatively new to the internet back when I created my first Friendster account in June 2006 (I created a second one in January 2007). Though I was a few months short of the required age of 16 in order to create a Friendster account, I somehow managed to get around it until I actually turned 16 in October that year. And then I started downloading stuff like anime wallpapers and computer games, and eventually music files and video clips.

Back then, all I did on the internet was checking my friends’ Friendster accounts and surfed some websites. Well, that’s how I spent most of the time online and nothing else. Of course, we don’t have an internet connection at home during that time, so I did all the browsing in an internet café near my high school, in the mall, or near my house. Anyway, it was also during that time when I was also introduced to a few websites that somehow changed my (online) life. And to think I’m lucky enough to discover and visit such websites that are otherwise unavailable today, these actually served as the predecessors to the ones we have today.

All right, so this throwback post will feature sites that let you listen to your favorite music or watch video clips online.


YouTube is one of websites that still exists on the cyberspace since 2006, thanks to an overwhelming number of users and subscribers. And yes, I still go there to watch various video clips, usually entertaining and informative videos, and at times, some music videos.

Back when I just discovered the site back in 2006/2007, the first thing that comes to mind is to watch various anime and Asian drama clips, as well as a few others. Once I started watching video clips on that site, I just can’t stop. I even embedded some of the videos to my Friendster profile.

Among the videos I watched on the site are bloopers from the Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden, clips from anime shows like Striker Hungry Heart, Digimon, D.N.Angel and Love Hina, clips from Korean dramas like Stairway To Heaven and Miss Mermaid (known in the Philippines as Irene), and a couple of episodes from Chinese Paladin. There were a few others too, such as various TV commercials (local and foreign) and some music videos.

I actually recall that time when I get to watch full episodes of some anime series, though it is divided into three parts per episode (about 7 to 8 minutes each part) since there’s a limitation on the length of videos to be uploaded on that site. Of course, it has since changed and the site allows longer content to be uploaded.

YouTube has certainly changed over the years. Nowadays, you can share videos to various social media sites and blogs with ease, and some of the videos can be downloaded thanks to some online YouTube video downloader sites. But back then, there’s no way I can easily get the videos off that site.


Back before Spotify become the go-to site for music streaming aside from iTunes, Amazon Prime, Tidal, and a few others, there are actually a few sites that let you stream music for free.

Imeem is a social media site that lets users upload, share, and stream music and videos. You can even create a playlist of your favorite songs and share it with other users, or embed it on an external website.^

In 2007, I discovered the site by accident. And seeing that one of my friends had some music embedded in her Friendster account, I thought I might want to try doing it as well.

I then started creating a playlist of my favorite songs and embed it to my Friendster account, which contains mostly easy listening songs. So, the moment my friends came to check my Friendster profile, they’ll be greeted with a cheesy 70s song (like That’s The Way Of Friends by Paul Parrish) or a jazz fusion track (like Is It You by Lee Ritenour).

I discovered a few great songs on the site too. Well, it was quite an early music streaming experience for me at that time, since I tend to spend about an hour browsing through some of the songs and listening to a lot of tracks. Of course, I always make sure to add some of the recently discovered songs to my playlist so I can go back to it in case I need to get the song title and the artist.

I haven’t logged in to that site for quite some time, though I managed to visit the site for a couple more times until its demise in late 2009. By then, I already have a growing library of songs on my PC, and I have the phone’s radio to listen to when going out… and eventually, an MP3 player that also plays video files as well. And of course, there’s Multiply…


It was on this social media site called Multiply where I actually go crazy downloading tons of music from various users. I always thought this is the hub for (free) music downloads, but it turns out I can also do other things on the site too, such as blogging and uploading photos. Well, I was quite focused on searching for music on that site.

Well, Multiply actually lets users upload and share content (like music and pictures), in addition to the blog posts.^ While I uploaded some music and pictures on my account, I never cared much about the rest of the sites’ features, including blogging. Somehow, I managed to enjoy this kind of experience, even designing my Multiply account to serve as an alternate site for my blog, which never materialized in the end.

Initially, I could just download individual tracks in MP3 format, something that I do most of the time while logging to my account. Eventually, the ability to download and save music files was removed, only to be replaced with the M3U (playlist) format. I can just download the M3U playlist file and either save the music on the playlist being played as an MP3 file via Windows Media Player, or just open the playlist file in a text editor, cut/copy and paste individual links, and save the MP3 files.^ And then they replaced it with an embedded music player, but I still managed to obtain the MP3 files using a third party browser plug-in such as Orbit.

In the end, the site’s social networking portion is discontinued to focus solely on e-commerce, and eventually, the site was shut down in 2013.^ Prior to discontinuing its social media feature, Multiply’s user base had been affected by such changes to the site’s interface such as the ability to download music files, as well as some users forcibly removed from the site due to copyright violations. Well, that’s the end of a fun era… at least for me.


What I then thought was impossible to do online, becomes possible. It was through these sites that I get a taste of online entertainment. The more I get exposed to these, the more I want to have them.

They’re actually part of my early online experiences. I had to admit, an hour or two of watching online videos and listening and downloading music just isn’t enough, considering that I only get to do these at an internet café. Well, these should give you an idea what online entertainment is like, twelve years ago. Sigh… I really missed those times.

i150W: MMXIX

It’s already 2019, the year of the boar. With a new year comes new hope, a change, and a lot of plans in life. So what’s in store for the year 2019? That’ll be quite a surprise, I tell you.

Starting the year right, I aim to eschew negativity and pessimism in favor of positivity and optimism for a happier life. No matter how bad it will be in the end, there’s no way I’m gonna let the darkness take over my life.

But more than just getting rid of negativity and pessimism in life, it’s time to get rid of my bad habits in life and make some good changes to it. Also, it’s time to try something new, something that I haven’t done before. With a goal in mind, I can do all of them.

And so, I’m looking forward to a brighter future ahead. I’m so glad I survived 2018.

#2018: Second-Half

In the second half of this year, there were some stormy moments, an intermittent period of depression, and health-related anxiety. 2018 is really not a good year for me.


Anyway, it’s time to round up the list of notable posts from July to December:

Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Age is just a number, so I thought I might write a post about how people can still enjoy doing the things they loved as they grow older, and even at old age. And since I’m growing older, I thought I might need to console myself with the fact that I can still enjoy my childhood hobbies at my current age (I’m already 28 at the time of this post).

Anime Shows Are More Interesting Than Other TV Shows, Period

My first anime-themed post on TWATKcox-WP. Anyway, since I’m a big fan of anime shows, I thought I might want to write about my fascination with it, as well as the current status of anime programming on free-to-air channels (excluding digital sub-channels). Of course, I prefer anime shows to teledramas and Asian dramas simply because they’re incredibly awesome to watch.

What It Means To Be A Loner?

Well, there’s always a dark side in being a loner, but it actually gets better the more you get used to it. Anyway, I’ve already shared some of the negative effects of being a loner, like struggling to make new friends and experiencing the fear of being rejected and ostracized by your peers. For me, it’s like surviving in a lonely world, without anyone to help you get out of this miserable loneliness.

#Throwback: The Happy Lemon Experience

Published exactly six years after having my first Happy Lemon drink, this really paved the way for me to try out milk tea and fruit tea drinks from popular milk tea shops like Chatime, Gong Cha, CoCo, Serenitea, and of course, Happy Lemon.

#Throwback: The Manga Reading Experience (2011-2012)

Since buying a Western-style manga book more than 7 years ago, I become interested in reading and collecting manga. This led me to check second-hand bookshops and bargain bins of major bookstores for some manga books at discounted/affordable prices.

Night Life: A Four-Month Journey On A Night Shift Job

In my four-month journey as a call center agent in training, I actually learned a lot of things. However, I also find it extremely difficult and depressing, so I quit the job. Until now, I still couldn’t believe that I actually did this just for the sake of experience, especially dealing with irate customers, working at night, and struggling to get some sleep during the day. I still have mixed feelings about my first job at a BPO company, but at least I know what it is like working there. To be honest, I’m not really good at dealing with customers owing to my bad attitude so there you have it!

Appreciating Coffee

I’m not a coffee drinker before, but I think I’m starting to love it after finding myself enjoying coffee frappe drinks a lot better than milk tea drinks. Besides, I can now tolerate the taste of coffee… well, except strong (brewed) coffee without sugar and milk.

Not In The Mood For Disruptions

I was having a bad temper at that time when I thought of writing this post. I was actually pissed off at the thought of losing concentration on my upcoming blog posts (thanks to my brother) so I vent my anger by kicking the computer chair I was sitting in and slamming the bathroom door. After that, I immediately worked on this angry post about my hatred for unnecessary disruptions while working on a blog post or a story. I managed to finish it within a day, and I felt better afterward.

No Offense, But…

I actually conclude TWATKcox-WP’s year with a stormy post, and it was a pretty bold move for me to write an extremely offensive post with the intention to say bad things about the people I hate so much. This is actually a product of my diabolical mind like a devil is encouraging me to relentlessly destroy someone or a group of people through indirect means, such as a blog post.


So I’ve reached 58 posts by the end of the year 2018, which is a little higher than the total amount of posts published in 2017. Not to mention that TWATKcox-WP already reached a new milestone for publishing 250+ posts in its entire run.

Well, I have nothing else to say regarding that cursed preceding year. It’s time to move on and wish me luck this 2019.

No Offense, But… [E]

Sometimes, I wish I was never a friendly person everybody knows. Oh, why am I saying something like this?

I don’t generally post some offensive stuff on this blog, but I think it’s time to show the bad side of me. One way or another, you’ll probably realize that behind my friendly smile is a diabolical mind, something that I possessed ever since my life is in shambles due to a lot of factors, including family problems, bullying, and personal anxiety. This is too much for me to handle at times, but what am I supposed to do? I couldn’t just fight back without facing consequences, so I’ll do this indirectly.

Oh well, brace yourself for a stormy post I’ve written with a not-so-peaceful mind. Prepare to get offended.

My Dad Is The Most Toxic Person In My Life

To this day, I still hate my dad for being narrow-minded, ignorant, inconsiderate, lazy, insensitive, and abusive towards me, my brother, and my mom. Well, he may have some good qualities, but his bad attitude already dominated his personality and there’s no changing it. I tend to express my hatred by annoying him on occasion and talking back at him when needed. Many times, we argued over simple things and I ended up feeling angry and upset for what he did. He’s getting worse as he age, so I can only wish for him to die as soon as possible. Sounds diabolical, but that’s the only way for me to experience a great deal of relief.

I still live with him, all right, but we don’t talk much. I can hardly calm down with him around, and I certainly can’t avoid his annoying attitude. And to think that I’m gonna inherit his bad attitude, I’ll end up despising him for life.

Yeah, you can read all about it here. And by the way, you have no right to call me out for disrespecting him in some way, ’cause you really don’t know everything.

I Can Insult You Relentlessly For All I Care

There are times when I feel like hurling insults at someone for being a jerk or calling out a person for being insensitive. While it’s not my habit to say something offensive against someone, I actually felt compelled to do so just to express my intense amount of hatred to a specific person.

Case in point: I always keep dissing on some of my classmates from fourth-year high school on several occasions, and on numerous posts too. I’ve experienced hell throughout the second-half of that cursed school year (2006-2007), and there’s no way I’ll recover from this distress even though it happened a long time ago. And to think they have the nerve to add me into a Facebook group with an intention to annoy me as much as they want? They better go to hell for doing that. And yeah, one of my classmates had a sister who is a classmate of my brother’s, so there’s a possibility of him knowing what I did to them.

In case I run into one of them again, then I can just say something insulting straight to their faces and walk off. I’ve already done this once and, I had to admit, it’s really fun. No regrets, they really deserve this.

Social Media Is Being Dominated By Bashers

Yeah, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being infiltrated by bashers, trolls, and fantards, and they’ll do anything to spread bad vibes through their posts. Also, they’re largely responsible for spreading fake news and hoaxes that target unsuspecting gullible people.

They’re entitled to freedom of speech, yes. But even that has limits. For those who keep posting negative or hateful comments online, please do us all a favor and shut up. You’re polluting the peaceful online world with unnecessary clutter.

I Don’t Care About Your Attention-Seeking Posts

Is there really a need to post your problems, rants, and emotions online? Well, not everyone cares.

Who Cares If I’m Popular Or Not?

People who are aiming to be popular are the ones who are truly talented, show-offs, and idiots.

You don’t have to tell me I’m not popular ’cause I’m not striving to be popular. Why make a big deal about that, when you yourself are not. Mind your own business. You certainly don’t want to be called out for being Captain Obvious.

Some People Are Hypocrites

So you go to church? But aren’t you an insensitive churchgoer if all you do was gossip about your neighbors and show off your newly-renovated kitchen and designer bags which are largely funded by bank loans? Duh! I don’t go to church and I don’t gossip or show off my prized collection of second-hand manga books… okay, I actually did the latter, but still, I don’t brag about it that much.

So you offer to help someone in need, but you’ll also gossip about that person’s private life. You wanted to help someone, and yet you’re making the person look bad in the eyes of everyone. If the same thing happens to you, how would you feel?

There are ways to do good things without having to resort to doing bad things on the side. Oh well, it just shows how terrible you are despite trying to commit a good deed. Maybe you need a miracle?

I’m Tired Of Seeing Social Media Posts Of Friends Having Fun And All That

This is one of the downsides of being immersed in social media for such a long time. I tend to feel insecurity whenever I see some posts of friends hanging out at the beach, having fun after work, and attending events. I, on the other hand, had just become an anti-social being spending time in front of the computer, staring at social media posts and wishing I could do the same. Yes, that’s not how social media sites are supposed to work.

Okay, so I’m clearly at fault here. But maybe I really need not to look at these posts if there’s the feeling of insecurity building up inside me. Speaking of which, some envious social media users are checking other people’s posts to check on their activities, posting insulting comments, and making stories about what that envious user has seen on other people’s accounts. Pfft, that’s so pathetic.

I certainly don’t have an issue with social media users posting their opinions on their timeline. Just a reminder, though: always do this with restraint. Who knows, an enemy might pop up from nowhere and may cause you a great deal of trouble even if you deleted that offending post.


No offense, but there are some things that I find annoying, and some people whom I find even more annoying. How I deal with them is beyond your thinking.

Well, since I already described myself as the writer with an attitude, I think you already have the slightest idea why I call myself that. Oh come on, I’m entitled to this kind of so-called freedom of expression, right? You certainly wouldn’t find all of them insulting, right?

Whatever it is, I really don’t care much about your reactions. And yes, I’m quite unapologetic about this too so don’t expect me to apologize for what I’ve written on this post. I’m pretty sure you already know why I labeled this post as explicit, right?

Food For (Holiday) Thought

It’s that time of the year once again, to spread love, peace, and joy to everyone. But more than just giving gifts and spending time with family and relatives, there are some things to remember in spending the most wonderful time of the year–Christmas.


We all know that celebrating the holidays needs some planning, from setting up the Christmas decors to preparing food for a sumptuous feast. Anyway, some people tend to shell out a lot of cash just to celebrate the holidays, but are you really gonna do it with a lavish amount of food on the table and some cool-looking but expensive decors? Well, I don’t know what’s on your mind right now, but I think some of you may have divided opinions on this one.

So if you’re planning to shop for some gifts to give or food to be served on Christmas Eve, then a shopping list might come in handy. It could be a piece of paper or a note on your smartphone that features the list of things you’ll be buying. Believe me, shopping can be really such a pain, especially if you don’t know what you’re going to buy for a sumptuous Christmas dinner or for someone who’s expecting a (nice) gift from you.

Anyway, there’s the price increase in some grocery items, including Noche Buena items like Christmas ham and cheese ball (queso de bola). This is definitely gonna hurt your extremely tight budget, especially if you’re really looking forward to a nice Christmas dinner with your family. Well, there are some ways to get around it, like buying bundle packs of some grocery items or choosing a particular brand of a certain grocery item that’s less expensive than the others. If possible, you might want to scale down on some ingredients that you’ll actually need so that it will fit your limited budget. It really pays to be practical at a time like this, you know.

And yes, it’s better to shop early. You certainly wouldn’t want to join thousands of shoppers in an extremely busy Christmas shopping which can be both stressful and exhausting at the same time. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead so you wouldn’t have to deal with the busy crowd and an extreme amount of stress during the holiday rush.


And then there’s the Christmas feast featuring mostly unhealthy food commonly served at parties, like fried chicken, grilled meat, stews and soups, pasta dishes, sugary juice and soda drinks, sweet desserts… and probably some salads. Well, to be honest, I’m more of a meat lover and I have a sweet tooth so these should be great, but my health isn’t gonna thank me for that.

Of course, what’s a party without some alcoholic drinks and some kind of entertainment? While some of our relatives don’t generally celebrate this with any kind of alcoholic drinks, there are others who actually do this to some great extent that they’ll have hangovers the following day. It’s bad enough that we’re consuming a whole load of cholesterol, sugar, and excess calories from the food we eat during a holiday feast, what more if you’re already consuming alcoholic drinks to your heart’s content? That’s a feast loaded with multiple health problems that can affect your heart, kidneys, liver, and even your brain. Really, that’s not a healthy way to celebrate Christmas.

It’s not bad to indulge yourself in some mouth-watering dishes, sweets, and some sugary and alcoholic drinks. Just make sure that you eat and drink in moderation, and don’t forget to include green leafy salads and vegetable dishes on your plate as well. If possible, try to cut back on all kinds of unhealthy food, especially fatty and salty foods. And of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water too.


What a better way to celebrate the holidays with a nice gift from your friends and loved ones? But really, you don’t need to be extravagant in giving someone a gift and you don’t need to be choosy in receiving a gift. What matters is, it’s in the gift sender’s thought that counts.

If your godparents gave you a gift this Christmas, it’s always best to thank them at all times. It really shows that they always think of you as their godchild, and the least you can do is to appreciate their love and kindness in sending you a gift, as well as taking good care of it.

But if you’re always expecting a gift during the holidays, why don’t you give someone a gift too? I mean, it’s better to give than to receive, right?


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, for there’ll be love, peace, and joy to everybody. But aside from the gifts, sumptuous feasts and parties, let us remember the real reason behind this well-loved holiday of all time. And while it’s basically all about the celebration of Christ’s birth, it is also the perfect time for families and relatives to reunite and spend time with one another.

From Keihancarl in Manila, I sincerely wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

i150W: Tumblr

It was September 2010 when I joined Tumblr. This is where I host the first incarnation of The World According To KCOX, then a spin-off to my former blog the Kin Keihan Times. Well, I was sort of amazed by its interface so maybe I decided to create one.

Anyway, Tumblr is a microblogging and social media website, commonly used for multimedia content such as pictures (including GIF files) and videos. It hosts a variety of accounts, from fan fiction to fan art, visual arts to travel photos, personal experiences to informative posts. The possibilities are endless… except maybe for something NSFW.

Of course, there are some problems I encountered using this site, like the proliferation of pornographic content and saving draft posts on a slow internet connection. And editing a post can be a real pain too.

Regardless of what others say, I’ll stick with Tumblr for all I care.