i150W: Anime, In General

When you say anime, the first thing that comes to your mind is Japanese animation. Yup, you’re absolutely right about that.

Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in Japan.^ Basically, most anime shows are adapted from manga, though some of them are originally produced by animation production studios. Seiyuus (Japanese voice actors) provide voices for anime characters. Outside Japan, it may be dubbed by English or other foreign voice talents.

Anime has a wide range of genres that cater to certain demographic groups, and it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age and gender. Most anime shows are aired on TV (and at times, online), though some OVAs are only released in home video formats and are sometimes bundled with certain manga releases. And of course, anime films are also hitting the cinemas worldwide.

There’s always a good reason to watch anime. I always do.


i150W: Internet–A Superhighway Of Possibilities

We all know that the internet is the information superhighway, that’s why we often rely on it. But there’s more to it than just doing research and exchanging messages.

Nowadays, the internet is where we found almost everything we need. Aside from doing research or exchanging messages, it is where we do online shopping, work online, watch movies, TV shows, and anime and listen to music (through various streaming platforms), be updated with the latest news, play online games, and chat with friends. Along with the growing number of internet users, there’s the need to socialize with others online, hence the birth of social media sites such as the now-defunct Friendster, Twitter, and Facebook.

A lot of people nowadays are spending a considerable amount of time online. Sure, the internet is full of possibilities, but we do need to disconnect from time to time and enjoy life off the net.


Never Too Young, Never Too Old

Is your age really a concern? You may be thinking too much.


Let’s face it, we can only enjoy certain activities at a certain age. What young people enjoy is something old people can’t enjoy. What old people enjoy can be quite embarrassing for young people.

Okay, so maybe some of you are thinking like that. Me too. But then, there’s no age limit to almost everything for as long as anyone can really enjoy doing it.

You’re Never Too Young To…

  • Start thinking of your future–Back then, we were asked to write what we want to be when we grow up. And we shared it with the rest of the class. Even though that may not happen in the end, what matters is that you plan everything.
  • Be financially responsible–As kids, we were always told by our parents to save money. But being financially irresponsible I was, I tend to spend my allowance on anything I fancy. Perhaps, some of you already realize this, but if you’re good in saving up for the future, then chances are you won’t encounter any money-related problems in the end.
  • Learn anything–Some kids can cook at a young age, provided that they are guided by a parent or guardian in order to avoid accidents. Some kids can paint a simple piece of art or write stories and poems. Anything is possible.
  • Come up with cool outfit ideas–While some teens are pretty much conscious about their looks and their outfits, some kids are doing it as well.
  • Do gardening and home crafts–Some of these activities can also be enjoyed by children.
  • Start socializing with others—It’s important for children to start making friends at an early age and start hanging out with them, especially at school. This will help them develop their social skills and can help prevent loneliness and depression. Of course, parents must guide their children in choosing friends, whether in real life or online.

You’re Never Too Old To…

  • Try extreme activities–Nowadays, even some elderly people are trying out various extreme activities, no matter how risky it is for as long as they’re physically fit to do it.
  • Get famous, in a good way–Some late bloomers started their careers later in their lives.
  • Continue your childhood hobbies–There’s no need for you to give up our childhood hobbies… even binge-watching anime shows and reading manga!
  • Be fascinated by what you watch and/or read—So you’re fascinated with Naruto or Harry Potter? Then go for it. Maybe go write some fan fiction or create some fan art based on your favorite shows or books.
  • Go job-hunting or go freelance—There’s no such thing as overqualified in office-related jobs, and maybe call center jobs. Remember, they’re after your skills and abilities, not your educational backgrounds and your (old) age. If you can’t find a job, then go freelance.
  • Don cool outfits–If you look young, then why not? After all, not everyone gets to grow old youthfully and gracefully to don such outfits.
  • Rediscover your talent–Being old doesn’t mean you’re not talented. Who knows, you might have a hidden talent that you haven’t even realized yet.
  • Continue learning—If you think that learning stops once you start aging, then you’re 100% wrong. You’ll never stop learning as you grow older, so keep this in mind and start learning new hobbies and activities that you’ll do and enjoy for the rest of your life.


Well, the world is full of possibilities. That goes for the things that you thought can only do or enjoy at a certain age. Remember, there’s no age limit to almost everything as long as you can really do it.

The fact that you’re thinking about your age is something that prevents you from doing the things you want and/or love. So get up and live your life without any worries.

I Only Look Good In Pictures

Welcome to the era of Photoshopped images and beauty cams!

I may be quite obsessed with selfies, but the thing is I’m not that attractive. Even donning unusual and cool outfits don’t work. What’s worse, the visible pores on my face and the ever-growing facial hair makes me look even more unattractive. I can only wish for a smoother, fair-looking skin, especially on my face, but most treatments and procedures cost a lot of money. I am so desperate to achieve that flawless look, no matter how time-consuming or expensive it is.

Guess I’m completely out of luck when it comes to looks. Well, there’s still hope… though it’s kind of deceptive.

It’s In The Camera

My earliest selfies are taken using Nokia 2680-s, a cool-looking slider phone with a VGA camera. So of course, the pictures don’t look great, especially with poor lighting. On the brighter side, at least the blemishes on my face didn’t really look obvious.

Okay, so you think VGA quality cameras can conceal the facial blemishes on your face, but you’ll always end up with a low-quality pic. Even budget-friendly smartphones nowadays can do the same thing, only there’s a possibility that these blemishes might appear to be noticeable if you try to look closely at the pic.

But then, I simply wanted a good-looking selfie pic, in high quality. Thing is, how can I make my face smoother without the need for a cosmetic procedure?

Photoshopped To Perfection

Well, it looks like I’ve found a reliable partner in my looking-good selfies… the Adobe Photoshop!

Okay, so I initially did some minor cosmetic edits to my pics by hiding some facial blemishes using the spot healing brush tool, and that somehow worked like magic. In fact, I used it to erase some writings on scanned old pics, as well as the earphone wires from some of my earlier selfies. The result appears to be satisfactory, but not 100% perfect. In fact, there are possible traces of slight distortion in the edited areas of the pic, which may or may not look visible in the finished project.

Right now, I only use the program for artistic-style editing and nothing else. If I want to use this program to edit out some unwanted spots or blemishes from the pics, then I’ll definitely need to learn some basic photo editing lessons.

Other Than Photoshop

Some smartphone image-editing apps like Pixlr may have the option of removing slight blemishes by using the app’s spot heal tool. This works in a similar manner to Photoshop’s spot healing brush tool.

I’m pretty sure there were other image-editing apps available, but I never tried anything other than Pixlr, or even PicsArt.

Beauty Cam

Have I discovered the most wonderful feature in most smartphone cameras? Yes, and that’s the beauty cam.

Most smartphones have that feature, which allows you to adjust the buffing (face smoothness), skin tone (complexion), and whitening. I tried using it a few times, and it comes out great. I can even see the difference.

Perhaps, I can consider the beauty cam feature as a real miracle in making yourself look good in pictures. After all, who wouldn’t want to look flawless in your selfies?

Artistically Edited

Sometimes, I’d rather do some artistic edits to my pics and use it as my cover photo or my profile pic. Aside from Photoshop and the aforementioned apps, there were other image-editing apps that can transform your selfie into a 3D picture or a painting, and maybe even a glitched pic.


Well, looking good in pictures can mean two things: looking good in a chosen outfit or looking good without the blemishes.

Looking beautiful in pictures, edited or not, is something most people desire in life. After all, we all want a photographic remembrance of how we looked like during a certain time. Imagine how wonderful it is to look good in pictures, it can even be more memorable if you’re incredibly fond of it.

i150W: A Certain Disappointment

We have our own disappointments in life. Some people do get disappointed for a certain reason.

Yeah, it’s like you already know the reason for your own disappointment. I mean, some of you already deal with traffic, long lines, unreliable services, unexpected delays… these are the things you can actually rant about on social media. If you’re used to dealing with these daily life struggles, then you’re definitely used to expressing your disappointment towards the people behind these unnecessary inconveniences, like incompetent government officials and inconsiderate oligarchs.

What could be worse than broken promises, canceled plans, and failed expectations? Of course, the feeling of disappointment. It seems like they’re here to ruin your mood and motivation in an unexpected way, much like a surprise. At times, it can be really frustrating.

We have our own disappointments in life. No matter how disappointed we are, we can’t always dwell on it.

Perfectionism… In Daily Life / Something To Be Disappointed About [Ax2]

Perfectionism… In Daily Life

I’m a perfectionist. And I don’t care what you think about me.


I really hate it when everything didn’t go according to plan. You know how tight I was when it comes to planning, especially if I’m aiming to accomplish whatever plans you have for that day. So I always make sure that it happens in my favor, otherwise, I’m gonna fly off the handle and switch from a nice guy to a rude critic in a second. You know how terrible I can get when I’m mad.

I’m pretty sure some of you are feeling the same, since you can be either demanding or have high standards when it comes to a variety of things, like services and/or products. Anyway, we all deserve something better, yet we don’t always get what we want. And it’s really frustrating.

Being the cranky person I was, I tend to raise my eyebrows when something goes wrong or they couldn’t provide me with anything I need. If I want to work on my attitude, then they must work hard on providing a better/excellent service to [un]satisfied consumers/customers like me.


No matter how we try to do things perfectly, there are some flaws. For starters, there are some unexpected problems that may keep you from accomplishing a certain goal, especially under pressure. There are complications and difficulties in the process that can frustrate some people, not to mention that they always pay attention to the little details that they just keep on repeating the same task or process until they got it right.

For example, you are writing an article or a short story, something that requires editing for the sake of your observant readers. As you write some parts of the article or the story, you tend to edit some of the sentences or paragraphs just to make it look like it is professionally written. I tend to be like that at times, and that’s one of the reasons why it took me long enough to finish an article or a story. It’s just that I wanted to write something as it is, yet I always check what I’ve written for some unnoticeable mistakes. That’s how perfectionist I was, I can’t let some flaws showing up on a finished product.

In daily life, you wanted to make sure that you have everything in hand like you must have the necessary ingredients needed to prepare a certain dish. If this didn’t come out good, then I’ll be disappointed. If I have one thing missing, then I’ll be disappointed. You see, I just want things to go smoothly without any problems.


Anyway, so here are some things that you can apply your perfectionism on:

  • Household chores–The cleaner, the better.
  • Cooking dishes–Depending on your preference, as long as it’s good.
  • Art projects–It’s purely aesthetic, to begin with, so a good presentation is a must.
  • Designs–Same as above.
  • Providing quality service(s) to consumers/customers–We deserve better.
  • Infrastructure projects–Some people don’t just settle for simple or badly-executed designs, they want anything more than just functionality.
  • Transportation–With the hellish traffic in Manila, we deserve a better way to get around the metropolis without a hassle. Never mind the transportation fare, not everyone cares about how expensive it will get for as long as they can get to their destination faster.
  • Your writings–As mentioned earlier, it’s for the sake of your observant readers.
  • Your outfits–If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t bother wearing it.
  • Everything you bought, in-store or online–Quality matters, especially if it’s a premium/expensive product. Definitely worth the price.
  • Scheduled tasks/plans–If it doesn’t go as expected, there’s the frustration of having to change plans at the last minute, which is definitely not my thing.
  • Your personal choices–Your personal taste rules, as well as your choices. They can recommend a lot of stuff but the choice is always yours… and you can assert your inner critic in you if they keep pushing you to take their word for it.

And there’s a lot more. It’ll be too much to write about, so that should do for now.


Being a perfectionist in daily life may sound like having a demanding attitude towards everything. In the end, we deserve better. Don’t get me wrong on the “demanding” part. I mean we are all entitled to that kind of attitude, as long as you do it in a nice manner.

In regards to our expectations, we always make sure that we’re doing things as perfectly as possible. But there will always be inconsistencies and errors in the process. Yes, we can always proclaim that we’re perfect in some way… but really, nobody’s perfect.

Something To Be Disappointed About

We do get disappointed for a lot of reasons. We’re all expected to, especially when things go wrong with ourselves, with others, and with all the things that are happening in the world.


The word disappoint is traced to the Middle English disappointen by way of the Old French desapointer.^ In literal meaning, it is to remove from office. Its use in the sense of general frustration traces to the late 15th century, and it first appears recorded in English as an emotional state of dejection in the middle 18th century.

Disappointment is a subjective response related to anticipated rewards.^ It is a form of sadness—a feeling of loss, an uncomfortable space (or a painful gap) between our expectations and reality.^ It happens when something unpleasant happens, in which the feeling of happiness is replaced by a feeling of sadness or frustration.

Recovering from a disappointment varies among people, ranging from a few minutes to a few days. While we can get over our disappointment, there’s a possibility of it recurring over time with the repetition of the same unpleasant incidents that lead you to this letdown.


Broken promises, unfulfilled dreams, failures, unsatisfactory performances and actions, unfair practices, poor services… these are the things that we’re probably disappointed about. The feeling of sadness, anger, and frustration can lead to a thinking that there’s nothing we can do about it. Somehow, expressing our disappointment is the only way to let others know that there’s something wrong with the way things are.

The feeling of disappointment can affect your emotions, as well as your performance and your optimism. Just imagine how will you be able to redeem yourself when things go wrong and there are no other ways to get around this problem you’re having. You may be expecting something good with your plans, but there are times when you really need to be prepared for a sudden mishap, like an unexpected incident that will force you to change your plans at the last minute.

The feeling of disappointment isn’t limited to your own expectations or others’ actions. Sometimes, even a simple inconvenience can cause disappointment for some people too, like road traffic or some sudden cut-offs like train operations and telecommunication services. These things often come in an unexpected manner, and can even disrupt your mood.

I really hate the thought of feeling disappointed over a simple thing such as long lines or long waiting times, service interruptions, and unexpected changes. It’s just that I don’t like wasting a lot of time doing nothing while waiting for my turn or for the service(s) to go back to normal.


Well then, here are some things to be disappointed for:

  • Others not meeting your standards/expectations
  • Inconveniences (long lines, long waiting times, heavy traffic, bad or terrible services)
  • Service interruptions
  • Betrayal
  • Political issues
  • Incompetent leaders, managers, and bosses
  • Distasteful and controversial remarks on certain issues
  • Unexpected failure(s)
  • Wasting a lot of time dealing with a difficult problem
  • Selfishness of others
  • Other people’s attitude
  • Getting scammed
  • Unexpected natural phenomenon (heavy rains, thunderstorms, floods, snowstorms)
  • Poor management
  • Sudden changes without prior notice


Yes, we do get disappointed for some reason. It is a natural reaction to anything unpleasant or unexpected. But no matter how disappointed we are, we must never let ourselves dwell to this kind of thought for long.

Take a deep breath, relax, think of how to cope in this disappointing situation you are in. After all, you can’t afford to feel disappointed all the time.

#2018: The Posts So Far… The Mid-Year Roundup

In the first half of this year, there are three notable events in my blogging career:

  • TWATKcox’s fifth year anniversary in the cyberspace (#TWATKcox5th)
  • My former blog Kin Keihan Times’ tenth year (Kin Keihan Times X)
  • My tenth year as a blogger

It sure was an achievement for me, even though I faced a lot of hurdles throughout my entire blogging life. And so, I’m looking forward to another milestone in my blogging career.


Basically, I feature a list of some of the notable posts for the entire year in an annual year-end post. But due to a great number of posts published within a year (with the last year being the busiest), I had a hard time deciding which ones I should include on the annual list of notable posts, so I decided to feature some of the posts from January to June in the mid-year special, and the posts from July to December in the year-end special.

Well then, here are some of the selected posts from the first-half of 2018, in chronological order.

#2017: One Remarkable Year

A special post recounting the good (and bad) things that happened during that year. Some of the remarkable things that happened include the first time I attended an otaku event and the book fair. Even though the year 2017 didn’t end up replicating the best year of my life (the year 2005), it is still remarkable in its own way.

#TWATKcox5th: The Fifth Year Anniversary Special

The 200th post/5th year anniversary special is a review of TWATKcox’s first five years in the cyberspace. It also features some snippets from most of the blog’s posts within a five-year period.

Mornings, Alarms, And Waking Up

This post tells about the struggles of waking up early and providing tips from setting a sleep schedule to setting the alarm to a suitable time for those who have problems resetting their body clock.

#Throwback: KCOX, The Writer

This throwback post recounts my earlier experiences as a frustrated [story] writer. Perhaps this is where I share my fascination with writing dark-themed stories, as well as producing a lot of drafts that were never finished.

The Things I’ll Never Experience [E]

And here I was, lamenting about some things I never get to experience. From not attending the prom to a reunion with some of my friends/classmates, these are the things that are now impossible for me to experience now that it’s all over. I was having a quarter-life crisis back when I wrote this.

Age Is Nothing But A Curse: A Harsh Reality Check [E]

It is intended to be an angry post about growing up, but I ended up writing about the things that older people have to deal with, such as age-related discrimination, mingling with younger people, enjoying (and giving up) their childhood hobbies, and health problems. Of course, I still do provide a rant about the fact that I’m not getting any younger, possibly because there are some things I never get to do when I had the chance.

#Throwback: Lonely Fourth Grade

A throwback post about my lonely life as a fourth grader. It is during that time when I first experienced rejection from most of my classmates and the fact that I was feeling a little depressed since I only have a couple of friends to hang out with. It is one of the darkest moments of my childhood, but not to the point of pushing over the edge just because of a simple case of rejection.

A Digital Disaster: From Problem To Recovery

A special post that deals with hard drive failure, data recovery, and the importance of creating multiple backups of important files. I wrote this a couple of months after the old hard drive (which contained most of my mobile phone and smartphone photos, music, video, and document files) failed and some of the contents became corrupted and unreadable. It took me long enough to salvage most of the files from the failing hard drive, as well as taking some time off from blogging to focus on recovering the corrupted/damaged files.

The Kin Keihan Times, Year X (225th Post Special)

A special commemorative post for my former blog, the Kin Keihan Times. This is where I recount my earlier blogging experience, as well as my former blog’s history. It is the predecessor to my current blog, The World According To KCOX.


And there you have it, these are some of the featured posts for the first-half of this year. Six months and thirty posts, that’s quite a lot. Anyway, there’s still six months left before the year ends, and there’s a lot of notable posts to look forward to.

Watch out for the second part featuring the posts from July to December on January 2019.

i150W: Stormy Weather

It’s that time of the year when everything goes dark and cold. Then there comes the sound of thunder, and the raindrops keep crashing down non-stop.

The monsoon, commonly known as the wet season, usually happens from June to October. While there’s the possibility of a typhoon all year round, it is during these months when most typhoons occur in the tropics, causing floods and landslides in affected areas. The most severe typhoons can be more destructive, causing damage to crops, infrastructures, and houses made of light materials.

During a storm, the rain is often accompanied by strong winds, making it difficult for a person to go out, even with an umbrella. So in this case, most people would rather stay inside the house than risk the chance of getting wet. Also, it’s important to stay healthy and be prepared in emergency situations. Remember to keep safe at all times.


The Kin Keihan Times, Year X (225th Post Special)

Today marks the Kin Keihan Times‘ tenth year in the cyberspace. Even though the blog ended its run just as it was about to reach its fifth year more than five years ago, it still remains a part of my blogging life for it is the predecessor to The World According To KCOX.


Back when I started the Kin Keihan Times, I was just starting college. Well, I couldn’t think of what to write for my debut post so I decided to copy and paste the entire About Me section of my Friendster profile. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to copy something from my own Friendster profile or some other websites since that may give the blog’s visitors (mostly friends) the impression that I don’t write original content, but what matters is that I introduced myself.

Of course, I’ve only just started blogging that time so I’m not yet used to this kind of life, but eventually, I was getting the hang of it. I find myself writing a few more posts which features some of my [past] experiences, and later, I started posting literary pieces. Prior to having an internet connection, I usually do the writing at home, then head to the nearest internet café, and upload it to my blog. I don’t usually pay attention to grammatical errors that time, I mean no matter how hard I try to make sure that my posts are easy to read and understand, only a few people will visit my blog anyway.

I initially hosted my blog on Friendster Blogs. It is automatically connected to my Friendster account so I wouldn’t have to worry about reaching out to my immediate audience–my friends. I can always say that I did a good job at maintaining my blog and I somehow connect to my immediate audience, but eventually, I need to reach out and attract a lot of potential audiences aside from my friends. So far, I don’t have any followers and my blog went unnoticed. Back then, I didn’t really care much about it, for as long as I can keep on posting new content whenever I have free time.

I never schedule my posts as I only write and post content when I’m not too busy with school activities. So I ended up posting about 40+ articles within a two-and-a-half year period. That’s okay since I’m not yet a serious blogger and my posts looked somewhat amateurish, with grammatical errors and some inconsistencies. I still need to improve.


In May 2010, KKT on Blogger was launched, serving as the mirror site for my blog. It’s been around for a few months before I decided to shut it down and moved to WordPress. I then created a secondary blog, the KKT Literary Corner, to handle my literary posts. Of course, the original blog on Friendster Blogs is still operational until the following year. I also launched the blog’s Facebook page by year-end to promote some of my posts and regularly update my followers on some upcoming posts.

In June 2011, Friendster, along with its blogging service, bid farewell. By that time, the KKT had already reached its third year. Since Friendster’s demise, I decided to revamp the KKT’s WordPress site so I can turn it into my primary blog. The original blog’s contents are then transferred to WordPress under the name The Original Kin Keihan Times a.k.a the KKT Archives, which still exists as of June 2018. And in September 2011, the spin-off to the KKT, The World According To KCOX on Tumblr, was launched. This is where I post some updates regarding KKT’s upcoming posts and some important announcements, as well as a whole bunch of comical nonsense.

I then keep on writing new posts and keep searching for ideas for my upcoming posts. It was around this time when I was currently working on the Timeline series. The first eleven posts, which were originally published on the KKT, were eventually reposted to my new blog, TWATKcox.

In the end, I was thinking of shutting down the blog and start a new one. And so, after four years and seven months, the KKT bid farewell and TWATKcox-WP began operations the following day. All of the posts from the main blog, the Literary Corner and its Tumblr spin-off were all moved to the KKT Archives, and its Facebook page was rebranded to its current incarnation as TWATKcox’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, the Tumblr page now serves as TWATKcox-WP’s mirror site. It is where I post updates on my upcoming posts as well as exclusive content.

It’s all over for KKT. May the blog that I worked on since college remain in the hearts and minds of a handful of followers.


For more than four and a half years, the KKT was a representation of my early career as a blogger and the posts simply become a record of my early experience in blogging/writing articles and literary works. Just reading some of them makes me wonder how come I’ve written that kind of [embarrassing] stuff. But it gives me the feeling of nostalgia too, along with my college memories and some inspiration from a lot of things. I made it this far by means of practice… even though no one ever reads my blog posts.

―from Remembering The Kin Keihan Times (The 125th Post)

Four years and seven months. The posts from all of the blog’s incarnations and its spin-offs are compiled and migrated to the archives. Some of these posts are reposted on TWATKcox, including the Timeline series posts. I have plans to revive the Literaryfest on TWATKcox-Tumblr later this year, while a couple of literary posts will be rewritten and reposted on TWATKcox-WP the following year. Right now, the KKT Archives is no longer maintained but will remain on the blogosphere for the sake of posterity.

The World According To KCOX now serves as my primary blog, featuring mostly my experiences ideas, thoughts, interests, and helpful reminders and tips on various things or situations. I still write and publish some of my literary pieces on this blog, but on a sporadic basis. Some of the posts are written in a similar fashion to my former blog, but with some improvements.

I still visit the KKT Archives every once in a while and read some of my old posts. They’re not that good, but they’re not that bad either. Regardless, they’re part of my blogging history and will always be.

Come to think of it, I’ve already reached my tenth year in the blogging world. It is through my undying determination that I actually made it this far.

Well, it was quite an experience for a dedicated blogger like me despite the countless hurdles I encountered along the way. Ten years is enough to make a nice impression that I blog for such a long time, and I (and my writing) somehow improved through time. For now, I consider blogging as a hobby, but there’s a chance that I might turn this so-called hobby into a profession… someday.

A Much-Needed Upgrade

Change is constant. And that’s where upgrades come in. You can say that change is basically an update of all sorts, more like moving out of an outdated lifestyle and into a hipper and cooler one.


I may not be into the latest trends, but I sure know how to level up. I mean, what’s the point of following the latest trends if you’re not feeling up to it? What matters is that you get to improve yourself without having to follow others.

All right, so here comes the wardrobe first. You know how I’m pretty much obsessed with mixing and matching some clothes to create better-looking outfits. Back then, it’s just a T-shirt and the button shirt or jacket on top. And then there’s the beige coat that I bought at a thrift shop. Since then, I started buying more pieces of clothing, including a black spandex blazer that I rarely wore these days, some anime shirts, a black fleece coat that I wore often whenever I go out, and the black knitted vest. I somehow made a drastic change to the way I dress up, but I’m really proud of it.

And then there are some other upgrades too, like gadgets and accessories. I got my new phone a few months ago and it serves as my new mobile assistant, with a larger screen, better camera, and a large room for storage expansion. I’m pretty much used to using the device now, and I find myself browsing smoothly through the web pages and playing games without lagging, unlike my old smartphone. As for the accessories, well, I’m planning to buy some new bracelets and some fancy-looking stuff such as pocket watches and brooches.

In the end, you’ll probably have to change/replace everything you have right now once they go out of style and become outdated. Talk about another upgrade, that is…


Well then, is there a need for an upgrade? It depends on how you look at it.

You know, if you’re looking to level up your outfits, then you might want to research about the latest fashion trends without having to imitate everything you see in fashion magazines or some online fashion blogs. When you buy a piece of clothing, you have to consider the possibility of incorporating it into the rest of your existing wardrobe. Don’t forget to raid your wardrobe for some clothes that are rarely worn but in good condition, just make sure that they still fit.

When it comes to your accessories, do you still wear the same bracelet when you go out? Maybe you can shop for some new ones. And when you shop for shoes and bags, make sure that it can go with any of your outfits so you don’t have to hoard as much. Be practical.

About your looks, you can really do something about it. That’s what makeovers are for, right? They’re here to improve a person’s appearance, and it’s not just your hair, your face, and your body. After all, some people tend to look at the aesthetic side of things, especially at a person’s appearance.

In shopping for the latest gadgets and appliances, it’s okay to choose something with higher specs and high-end features, as long as you can really afford it and you wouldn’t have a hard time using such high-tech features. The purpose of buying new gadgets and appliances is to improve the quality of life, and certainly not to brag about.

You don’t have to get yourself stuck in the same, old, boring lifestyle that you’re living in. Remember, there’s always an option to move out and level up to a better life. After all, change is constant so you’ll have to live through it or miss out on a lot of things.


Change is constant, yes. And so are upgrades.

There’s always a good reason to switch from something outdated to something updated. I know some of you would rather stick to the ones you have right now, but then it’s not a bad idea to try something new. After all, there’ll always be room for improvements.

Remember, you don’t have to conform to the latest trends just to say that you’ve accomplished that much-needed upgrade. Anything that suits your ever-changing lifestyle will do, as long as it’s not too outdated and/or old-fashioned.