A Much-Needed Upgrade

Change is constant. And that’s where upgrades come in. You can say that change is basically an update of all sorts, more like moving out of an outdated lifestyle and into a hipper and cooler one.


I may not be into the latest trends, but I sure know how to level up. I mean, what’s the point of following the latest trends if you’re not feeling up to it? What matters is that you get to improve yourself without having to follow others.

All right, so here comes the wardrobe first. You know how I’m pretty much obsessed with mixing and matching some clothes to create better-looking outfits. Back then, it’s just a T-shirt and the button shirt or jacket on top. And then there’s the beige coat that I bought at a thrift shop. Since then, I started buying more pieces of clothing, including a black spandex blazer that I rarely wore these days, some anime shirts, a black fleece coat that I wore often whenever I go out, and the black knitted vest. I somehow made a drastic change to the way I dress up, but I’m really proud of it.

And then there are some other upgrades too, like gadgets and accessories. I got my new phone a few months ago and it serves as my new mobile assistant, with a larger screen, better camera, and a large room for storage expansion. I’m pretty much used to using the device now, and I find myself browsing smoothly through the web pages and playing games without lagging, unlike my old smartphone. As for the accessories, well, I’m planning to buy some new bracelets and some fancy-looking stuff such as pocket watches and brooches.

In the end, you’ll probably have to change/replace everything you have right now once they go out of style and become outdated. Talk about another upgrade, that is…


Well then, is there a need for an upgrade? It depends on how you look at it.

You know, if you’re looking to level up your outfits, then you might want to research about the latest fashion trends without having to imitate everything you see in fashion magazines or some online fashion blogs. When you buy a piece of clothing, you have to consider the possibility of incorporating it into the rest of your existing wardrobe. Don’t forget to raid your wardrobe for some clothes that are rarely worn but in good condition, just make sure that they still fit.

When it comes to your accessories, do you still wear the same bracelet when you go out? Maybe you can shop for some new ones. And when you shop for shoes and bags, make sure that it can go with any of your outfits so you don’t have to hoard as much. Be practical.

About your looks, you can really do something about it. That’s what makeovers are for, right? They’re here to improve a person’s appearance, and it’s not just your hair, your face, and your body. After all, some people tend to look at the aesthetic side of things, especially at a person’s appearance.

In shopping for the latest gadgets and appliances, it’s okay to choose something with higher specs and high-end features, as long as you can really afford it and you wouldn’t have a hard time using such high-tech features. The purpose of buying new gadgets and appliances is to improve the quality of life, and certainly not to brag about.

You don’t have to get yourself stuck in the same, old, boring lifestyle that you’re living in. Remember, there’s always an option to move out and level up to a better life. After all, change is constant so you’ll have to live through it or miss out on a lot of things.


Change is constant, yes. And so are upgrades.

There’s always a good reason to switch from something outdated to something updated. I know some of you would rather stick to the ones you have right now, but then it’s not a bad idea to try something new. After all, there’ll always be room for improvements.

Remember, you don’t have to conform to the latest trends just to say that you’ve accomplished that much-needed upgrade. Anything that suits your ever-changing lifestyle will do, as long as it’s not too outdated and/or old-fashioned.


A Digital Disaster: From Problem To Recovery

On the night following my last mall-hopping trip mid-April, I was about to transfer some of the photos to the old hard drive on my PC when I suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with one of the folders. I tried to click on it and I was horrified to know that the folder is already corrupted. I then freaked out and called my brother who was in the room to tell him that there’s something going on with the old hard drive. He came to check what’s happening and sure enough, there was something wrong with the old hard drive.

He went back inside the room and handed me the external hard drive so I can copy some of the files that I can salvage from the failing hard drive. But it was a tiring and stressful process, not to mention slow and extremely time-consuming. For the next few days, I was dealing with recovering some of the corrupted files on the drive, including my cherished smartphone pics and some music and video files.

Eventually, I was able to recover most of the files. Unfortunately, some of the image files (mostly JPGs and PNGs) are damaged, but at least I was able to retrieve my otherwise lost smartphone pics. Everything went well, except that there’s no space in the new hard drive, where the OS was installed. So the files will have to remain on the external hard drive for the time being.

This incident may prove to be disastrous if you’re totally unprepared for it. Just imagine the distress I’ve gone through in recovering these files.

Understanding Hard Drive Failure And Data Loss

The hard drive is one of the most common data storage devices for computers. Hard drives currently available in the market today have the storage capacity ranging from 500 gigabytes to about 6 terabytes. Of course, the higher the capacity, the more files you can store in a single hard drive… and of course, more expensive.

But no matter how small or large the hard drive’s capacity is, they only have an average lifespan of five years since some mechanical parts wear out. In addition, there are certain factors which may lead to hard drive failure including extreme factors (such as fire and water damage), exposure to high magnetic fields, and suffering a sharp impact or environmental contamination leading to head crash.^

Hard drive failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and any stored data in it cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. It may happen during normal usage or prematurely due to reasons aforementioned.

So in case you’re trying to access something on your hard drive but it shows an error message preventing you from accessing the folder or the file, then chances are your file is corrupted and unreadable. Also, if you try to boot your PC, Scandisk or CHKDSK may run to check your drive for errors, which will usually take a longer time to finish depending on how much bad sectors your drive has.

Data loss is an error condition in the information system in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission, or processing.^ Data loss isn’t just all about losing data to a failing hard drive. Sometimes, malware or computer viruses may wipe all your data out, rendering them corrupted or inaccessible.

Signs Of A Failing Hard Drive^^

  • Strange clicking or humming noises coming from the hard drive
  • Repeated program crashes or errors
  • Files or folders took long to read/load
  • Corrupted data
  • Accumulation of bad sectors

In Case Of A Failing Hard Drive

In case something inevitable happens, try to diagnose the problem first to see whether the problem is in the hard drive itself or the connecting cables. Sometimes, it could be a virus or malware that corrupts the files. But if your hard drive is more or less five years old, then there’s a possibility that it will ultimately give up due to some mechanical parts wearing out.

If that’s the case, then try to recover as much data as possible. You can use data backup software to copy the files to your backup drive, preferably removable storage media. You can also use data recovery software or send your hard drive to a data recovery service, but there’s no guarantee that all of the affected files on the failing hard drive will be recovered.

How To Avoid The Inevitable Hard Disk Drive Failure And Data Loss

Back up your files often, especially the more important ones such as documents, pictures, and anything you consider valuable. There are a lot of storage options available, mostly optical drives or removable drives. There’s also cloud-based storage which offers about 5 to 15 gigabytes of free storage allowance, though you’ll have to pay if you need more than that.

Take good care of your hard drive by keeping it away from magnets and static electricity, avoiding exposure to dust and other elements, avoiding impact, keeping it ventilated, and checking the disk for errors. These can prolong the lifespan of your hard drive and keep your files safe from corruption.


Right now, the old hard drive is disconnected from the PC and the files are saved on the external hard drive. There are plans to buy a new hard drive, but that would have to wait, unfortunately.

This is not the first time we encountered this problem. A few years ago, I just noticed that there’s something wrong with the hard drive and told my brother about it. Luckily, we were able to backup everything to a new drive, the same drive that was about to give up soon. This time, however, it was a little too late for us to backup everything.

So far, I managed to rescue most of the files, and the rest are either no longer recoverable or just a bunch of redundant junk that should be left behind. I was hoping that I can have access to these files without the need to plug in the external hard drive everytime I need something.


Since that unfortunate incident, I was still feeling anxious about the fact that I still lose some of the files to a failing hard drive. This should really teach us a lesson on the importance of keeping backups of the most important files, especially the ones that are truly irreplaceable. Sometimes, it really pays to have multiple copies of your most valuable files, no matter how redundant it is.

Always remember to back up your files and don’t ignore the warning signs of a failing hard drive. Don’t wait for your hard drive to give up on you before you even start doing a backup of your precious files.

#Throwback: Lonely Fourth Grade

“If you met a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they had tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”

Jodi Picoult

It was about eighteen years ago when I, then a fourth-grade student, first experienced the harsh reality of being rejected and ignored by my classmates. I consider this as one of my earliest dark moments in life. And it’s only just the beginning of my miserable life at school.


I can no longer recall the exact moment when my classmates started ignoring me, but I believed that it happened around August or September. I suddenly felt that I was unceremoniously ignored by my classmates and they wouldn’t let me join them in their games. At least there are a couple of my classmates whom I hang out with, one of them is a longtime classmate and friend since kindergarten and a weird transfer student whom I thought was a nice girl at first. Anyway, they’re the only people I knew who would want to hang out with me during that time.

I don’t know if they’re doing this on purpose simply because they don’t like me. Anyway, I didn’t mind it at first considering that they only wanted to hang out with the more popular ones and not some kind of commoner like me. But as time passed by, I started to feel sad and lonely, but not to the point of breaking down. I was trying to hold back my tears that time, something I managed to do anyway until about the end of school year.

My classmates, on the other hand, are having such a wonderful time hanging out with their peers. They do stuff such as playing tag or some kind of children’s games, and at times playing with one of my classmate’s Gameboy. I was feeling kind of envious that time that I wanted to sit down in the corner and watch. I don’t think they’ll even remember that I exist, except during a couple of occasions such as representing our class for Mr. and Ms. [name of school], something I’m not really proud of as of this time.

And speaking of being a not-so-proud candidate for Mr. [name of school], I just happened to be paired up with that weird transfer student, who eventually didn’t make it to the coronation day since she’s not feeling well. Anyway, after that event, I become popular with girls but only for a short period of time. And then I’m back to my lonely self once again.

I don’t know what is going on with me by the time that school year ends. Just as I thought it’s already summer vacation, I decided to spend time with my bicycle making rounds along our street. Of course, school isn’t over yet but for some reason, I don’t feel like going that time. In the end, I did.

So do you think my lonely school life ends here? Of course, not. It continued until I finished high school. You can actually say that this is the reason why I become a loner without anyone to hang out with. As for the weird transfer student, well, she transferred to another school right after that school year. Looks like she’s easily forgotten by my classmates and I’m kind of feel sorry for her. She sure must have experienced the same thing as mine, or so I thought.


To be honest, this isn’t something worth sharing since it happened a long time ago and this is some kind of childish memory I wanted to forget, but this should give you the idea why until now I’m still struggling to make friends and hanging out with my classmates. All I know is that they hardly knew I existed, and I felt the same towards them.

Overall, I simply find that school year extremely boring and depressing. And I want no part of it. Good thing I didn’t have a computer that time, or else I could have been much worse than that. Seriously.

i150W: Catching Up

I may have missed a lot of fun things but there’s a chance for me to catch up on the ones I’ve missed.

My stubbornness is keeping me from reaching my desired goals in life, therefore, there are a lot of things and experiences I never get to try. Of course, there are some things that are reachable, yet didn’t grab it while given a chance.

Right now, I’m catching up on some interesting things like watching anime shows and reading books, trying out various things, eating out, discovering good stuff… you know, something I consider meaningful in life. I know some of you will agree to this.

Anyway, my ultimate goal in life once I have a new job is to keep on doing the things I love while I still have the chance. Maybe I need to pull myself together and hold on to my dreams and desires.

The Rainfall

I’m not the kind of person who loves the rain, but sometimes I find comfort in it. Why is that?


Rain is considered a miracle for some, but not for others. It usually starts with a gray cloud, but sometimes there’s no need for the grayness of the sky in order for the rain to fall down. Either way, it happens.

The moment it starts raining, all I can think of is how to protect myself from getting wet especially when going out. I may have the umbrella at least, but there’s no telling if that will actually protect me from a light to heavy downpour. Not only that, I really hate the possibility of getting my shoes and feet wet from a stream of rainwater flooding down the roadside. That’s the reason why I always feel uncomfortable when there’s a possibility of a light to heavy rain whenever I go out.

But sometimes, the rain can bring comfort to those who can’t bear the extreme heat of the sun. You see, the rain cools the wind, making the warm air turn cold temporarily. Well, that’s something I should be happy about, considering that it’s really a pain to deal with the hot weather that can make me feel all sweaty and uncomfortable at the same time.


Well, I consider rain as a misfortune in some ways. First of all, the preceding sign of a rainfall, the dark cloud, makes it a little darker. The sound of thunder is sometimes heard, it’s impossible not to hear one since it’s incredibly audible enough to scare some people. And then the rainfall occurs, sometimes accompanied by harsh winds that makes it impossible for you to go out, even with your rain gear. In addition, your laundry will take forever to dry and the roadside will be filled with rainwater. It may last for a few minutes to a couple of hours, or even days if it’s a storm.

Being the rain-hater I was, I find it impossible to enjoy its refreshing benefits. At times, I tend to feel depressed just thinking about it. It’s no surprise that rain can add a little weight to a person’s emotions, hence some people would often associate rain with sadness.

I can’t imagine myself sitting down on the corner with a mug of hot chocolate in hand and enjoying the sound of rain. But I can take a stroll down the street wearing all-black clothing, wallow myself in a bunch of dark emotions and think of dark thoughts. Sounds emotionally dangerous, right? Well, I can only do this during a light rainfall, otherwise, I’ll just have to wait for the rain to stop before continuing my stroll.

After the rain, there’s always a need to avoid mud and rain puddles. I just find them disgusting, not to mention that I don’t want my clothing to be splashed with mud and looking dirty. Is there a way to avoid such possibility?


The rainy season is coming pretty soon. Whether you like it or not, the rain falls down for some reason. And there’s no way to control or stop its downpour.

So should I prepare for a downpour of comfort and misfortune? Probably. Oh well… there are some ways to get around this, but always remember to stay dry and make sure to bring an umbrella at all times.

i150W: My Young Life

Good things must come to an end, and that includes my young life.

I’m already a young adult, but I still look and act like a teenager. I still find it difficult to accept and move on, but I have to. Just imagine the things I’ll have to go through in order to accept the fact that I’m already a grown-up.

There are some things I’m not willing to give up. These include my unusual outfit choices, my fascination with anime and manga, and playing video games. Who cares if they call me immature just because I continue living like a teenager?

There’s a lot of things to catch up on, but I don’t think if I’ll ever get to experience these. Maybe it’s a little too late for me to try.

I knew my young life will be over by the time I reach 30. So is this goodbye then?

Age Is Nothing But A Curse: A Harsh Reality Check [E]

Let’s face it, age doesn’t really matter but only if they don’t actually pay attention to it.


You see, there are cases where age is seen as a basis for most types of application, particularly contests and job hiring. The younger, the better. I don’t understand why they always pay attention to this kind of bullshit when there are a growing number of people who are unemployed and more qualified than the first-timers? Perhaps they thought that overaged applicants can no longer keep up with the younger generation. Actually, the younger ones are no match for the veterans when it comes to experience. Well, the veterans do orient the younger ones on various things, serving as a trainer. But then, are they gonna stay long in the company? No, because some companies believe that they’re no longer fit to work in an environment of mostly young people. Sad, isn’t it?

It sucks that you can never turn back the clock and remain young forever. It sucks to grow old and lose the charm you once had. It sucks to grow old and develop health problems later on. It sucks to be singled out of the group just because you’re far too older than the rest of the people. It sucks that no matter how many cosmetic procedures you’ve gone through, you can never escape aging. Life sucks, I’ll have you that. So is growing old really something to be thankful for, despite the fact that you’re gonna suffer that you’d rather die-while-you-still-have-the-chance instead? It depends on the person.

No matter how you try to keep yourself many years younger, you can’t escape aging. So it’s either you move on with it or die right now.


So here are the situations where age is considered a curse by me:

  • Hanging out with younger people–Being the oldest person in the group isn’t at all bad, but it’s not something to be happy about either. Depending on the age gap, there’s a possibility that the oldest person in the group would feel awkward among the rest of the group.
  • Job applications–The younger the applicant, the more chance he/she will be hired. It’s just a matter of discrimination regarding an applicant’s age. Take note that this only applies to certain jobs which don’t involve machinery or seriously difficult labor.
  • Responsibility–The older you’ll get, the more responsibility you’ll take. Care to have a few adulting lessons in order for you to be prepared for a more challenging life ahead, the one involving paying the bills, budgeting your expenses, and starting a family? Bet some of you will cringe at the thought of this possibility.
  • Looking good–The older you’ll get, the more you’ll run out of suitable outfit choices unless you’re a woman. So whatever clothing you’re wearing right now may no longer look good on you once you grow old. And even though you look young, age can still be a turn-off factor for some people, who will always believe that a particular piece of clothing or outfit is only suitable for a person of a certain age group.
  • Giving up your childhood/teenage hobbies and interests–This is the most difficult part of growing up–letting go of your childhood hobbies. As you can see, these are the main reason why we continue living. So can you expect a 40-year-old otaku to stop watching anime shows just because they’re too old for that sort of thing? If I were that 40-year-old, I’m not willing to give that up, not without a fight anyway.
  • Enjoying the things you used to do–I used to enjoy gaming back when I was a teen. Nowadays, I don’t feel like doing it… well, I still do gaming but on a sporadic basis. Also, at this age, I should be focusing on my career and not with my friends… wait, do I have one? Seriously, it does feel awkward for an adult to be playing a handheld video game out in the open. This sucks, isn’t it?
  • Health conditions–By the time you reach 50, health problems are bound to come, though this is now irrelevant due to the fact that young people are at risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious illnesses due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Still, this is one thing to worry about once you reach that age, no matter how healthy you are.
  • Changes in your body–Your age may have nothing to do with how you look right now, but you can’t hide the fact that you’re growing older. After all, your birth date never lies. Well, no one actually told me how young I looked, but I’m pretty sure that my age is clearly showing for two reasons: there are traces of facial hair on my face even though I shaved thoroughly, and I started slowing down and feeling lethargic at times. Yes, I’m already 27 and I feel like this seems to be a pretty normal case for an adult. Not good.
  • Moving out and retirement–In some countries, a child is expected to move out of their parents’ house by the time they reach 18 in order for them to live independently. In the workplace, a person is expected to retire by the time they reach 60 or older. It’s pretty much a source of separation anxiety for those who wanted to continue living with their parents and those who wanted to continue working to support themselves or their families, and age is said to be blamed for the anxiety they experienced.


Now then, who wants to grow up? Well, only the optimistic ones do. And that, [un]fortunately, does not include me.

Oh well, life really is a never-ending journey full of experiences and unexpected surprises. Guess it will do good if I just stop thinking about my own age and focus on the things that I really enjoy then?

Age is just a number, that’s for sure. It’s up to you to keep misleading them with your youthful looks or actions and get away with it. Oh well, this is one thing I should never fuss about. Anyway, I’m still young… depending on how I feel right now.

How I Spent My Saturdays… Then And Now

I love Saturdays, and that’s something to be proud of. For me, it’s always the most special day of the week, and will always be ’til I’m old and gray.


Saturdays are generally reserved for a lot of fun things. Of course, it is that time of the week when we can freely enjoy the entire morning watching cartoons and/or anime shows, spending the entire afternoon doing various stuff from sports to video games. And of course, it is always the best day to enjoy a nice, weekend outing. Now, who wouldn’t love Saturdays?

When I was in sixth grade, I always look forward to watching anime shows every Saturday mornings. Then I’ll proceed with spending time in front of the computer playing video games in the afternoon. The best part of being a kid that time is when you don’t have to deal with a lot of problems and enjoy life the way it should. It just keeps getting more exciting as time passes by.

It continued all through high school, making it my official rest and relaxation day. I find it amusing to recall the days where I always look forward to my favorite day while waiting for the class to end. As if I’m looking forward to a weekend outing, though it is not. I simply love spending my Saturdays watching TV and playing video games, as well as not minding my homework. You know how I tend to procrastinate during these times, especially when the entire school week is basically all about studying and less fun.

In short, my Saturdays are mostly dominated by anime shows, RPG games, my PC, and sometimes visiting my relatives or going to the mall. It sure was an easygoing life for the likes of me.


College sure changed the way I spend my Saturdays since I also have classes on that day, though not every semester. Regardless, I still enjoy my favorite day whether I’m at my college or at home.

The only times when I don’t have classes on Saturdays was when I was in the first-year college (first semester) and fourth-year college (second semester). Somehow, my weekend habits changed and there’s nothing much to do, except writing stories, reading books, surfing the internet, and at times watch movies. Times have changed and I really missed the old days.


Nowadays, I generally spend my Saturdays outside the house, visiting various malls and some landmarks in Metro Manila, but at times I spend some time at a milk tea shop sipping my favorite drink while writing a story. On the days when I don’t feel like going out, I only surf the net and write stories or posts on my blog.

Right now, this is what my Saturdays are like. And yet, it may change.


Seventeen years had passed and I’m still fascinated with the most special day of the week. Why am I so obsessed with it?

Saturday is more of a relaxation day, but this is not the case for others. As you can see, there are some people who go to work on that day, including my brother. So if I ever have a new job, am I willing to give up that day just to go to work and earn some monetary equivalent of the hours I worked on that day? That depends, really.

Well, I already explained the reason why I’m so obsessed with Saturdays. It is when I can do a lot of fun things without having to worry about school or work. Also, since this can be considered a rest day for some, it makes sense that you’re supposed to plan something relaxing for the weekend, especially on Saturdays.

Times sure have changed, but Saturdays will always be here to stay. And it’s more than just an obsession or a fascination.

The Online World, According To KCOX

We’re living in a high tech society, so almost everything is accessible by means of the information superhighway, the internet. It is where we connect with our friends and relatives online, and it is something we rely on when it comes to finding information about various things. Yes, the internet is a cyber miracle.


The internet is a fascinating place to search for anything you might find interesting. Back then, it was a luxury.

Thirteen years ago, I was pretty curious about how the internet works, but I don’t have the idea where to start. Anyway, my brother and I used to surf the internet outside the house, at a nearby internet shop, probably browsing through some interesting websites. He’s the one doing the browsing since I’ve yet to learn the basics of surfing the net that time. As I watch him visiting a few websites and logging on to a social media platform (Friendster, I believe), there was this website, a search engine, where you can search something by typing the keyword on a search bar, and out comes the list of websites that’s related to the keyword you just entered. And that’s how I came to know Google, which I knew back then as a search engine that I still use as of this writing.

I decide to surf the internet on my own and try visiting various websites. Of course, I don’t do downloads just yet. I somehow managed to visit a few sites within hours of the session but it was not until my final year in high school when I finally learn how the internet works, as well as discovering a lot of awesome sites and had my first e-mail (Yahoo) and social media account (Friendster). Of course, Google becomes my constant partner in internet browsing, but I also use AltaVista, Yahoo Search, and MSN Search as well.

From that point on, I began downloading various stuff, from image to music and video files. I then became more active on Friendster and Multiply (and later, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and I tend to check on my friends’ profiles for their pictures… yup, mostly pictures. Well, I tend to post updates and testimonials on my social media accounts, but as of the moment I’m more focused on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and less on my Facebook accounts. I mean, I’m no longer comfortable posting updates on my Facebook account due to various reasons, mainly due to the incident of bashing and bullying online. I just want to stay out of trouble. Anyway, I mostly post updates on my Instagram account, and Twitter on a sporadic basis. I believe that social media is becoming a circus lately, courtesy of some of the millennials who wouldn’t control their urge to post a lot of selfies (and groufies), emotions, and flaming statements online. Also, social media is pretty much a dangerous place to meet strangers, do business transactions (like online selling), and sharing information with anybody.

Well, I use the internet for social media, blogging, news and information, and downloads. There are a few websites (mostly mall construction and public infrastructure forums) I routinely visit every time I power the computer on, and I always check my e-mail and social media accounts. I may have spent a lot of time online, but I’m quite the observer type. And of course, the hardworking type when it comes to blogging.


Anyway, the online world is becoming more and more accessible so we tend to be online all the time, thanks to smartphones and mobile internet offers. Still, the netizens need to learn some basic rules when it comes to posting content and comments online, interacting with others online, and respecting cultures, values, and privacy online. This is where netiquette and online ethics comes in.

So what are the things to remember when you’re online?

  • Always remember that the internet is a public space. You may have the freedom to express yourself or post a lot of content, but there are certain limitations and restrictions on what you say or post online.
  • The internet is not a venue for hate, discrimination, bullying, bigotry, and anything that can harm a person’s well-being. Be mindful of your actions and respect everyone.
  • Don’t use the internet for any illegal activities, such as uploading copyrighted content, any form of theft, child exploitation, and child pornography.
  • Don’t share your personal information, pictures of valuables, location, and any offending and disturbing material such as pornography. Any of these can get you into trouble.
  • Be careful of who you meet online. Although the internet can be a good place to meet and chat with others online, there are some bad guys who are using the internet to do terrible things to others, such as online bullying, identity theft, extortion, scam, and various crimes when trying to meet someone offline.
  • Respect other people’s privacy. The internet may be a public space, but you certainly don’t want others to tag along, right? Stalking others and stealing their personal information online is already an invasion of privacy, what more if it happens offline?


Being online is something to be thankful about. A miracle to friends, family, and relatives who are miles apart, the internet is essentially helpful in long-distance communications. For students, the internet can be a great place to do some research. For those who want to entertain themselves, there are music and video streaming sites available to suit your amusement needs. And of course, the internet does provide convenience through its online services, online delivery, and online shopping. Anything is possible as long as you stay connected.

But of course, there are also dangers in the online world. So it’s best to exercise caution while surfing the net. And of course, be courteous and respectful to the other online users at all times, no matter how nice or rude they are.

The internet really is a miracle, don’t you agree? Well, as long as I find something interesting and stay connected with others online, I’ll definitely live this kind of life.

i150W: Blogging

Blogging is one way of expressing yourself online. Most of the time, some people tend to blog about their experiences, adventures, or their own personal stories, much like an online diary. Nowadays, it is seen as an opportunity to promote themselves and inform others through posts.

Having a blog is like having your own website. Since most blogging platforms are free of charge (registration required), it is now possible for you to create one. Just think of anything you can write for your blog, like your interests, opinions, or personal experiences. Well, some people are actually earning from blogging various content, focusing mostly on food, fashion, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle. The possibilities are endless.

For me, blogging is a hobby that I enjoyed for almost ten years. I always blog to express and inform, and at times, raise awareness. What else could be better than expressing yourself online through blogging?