From The Kin Keihan Times… To The World According To KCOX [Pilot Post Special]

June 24, 2008. I began my first blog site The Kin Keihan Times which is then hosted on the now defunct Friendster Blogs. I was actually wondering at first what blogging is all about until I get the idea. And soon, I embarked on this blog writing experience. It was a mixed concept of experiences, interests and literary writings.

I must have written about 45 posts, the latest of which is then an ongoing series, before I began my transfer to Blogger, and later WordPress. Then there was the relaunch, effectively starting over still as the Kin Keihan Times. The original blog site, the old Kin Keihan Times site, has moved to WordPress as well and you can still view it at any time here.

As much as I enjoyed posting every single post, including the ongoing Timeline series and creating spin-offs, this will soon come to an end as I plan to rebrand the blog site. It seems like the title doesn’t appeal to me anymore, and I would definitely need a new one which is something more personal, more catchy (I hope).

And so, after about four-and-a-half years, it’s time for the Kin Keihan Times to bid farewell. Though it was sudden, at least I announced everything on that test post. From there, The World According To KCOX is born.

January 26, 2013… It is the time when a new change will take place, and here it is. You’ve read the pilot post for TWATK, and you’re certain that there’ll be a lot more stories to tell. A few days of planning, designing, and testing is all it takes to create a perfect blog site that’s quite minimalist, and perfect for reading (with larger fonts for an even more comfortable reading). Well, as for the header, it certainly meets my aesthetic standards, that’s all. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the look and feel of the blog site so that’s why it took so long for it to be done.

Now that I’m done with the pilot post, I’m thinking of revamping the old Kin Keihan Times site so that I could make it more organized. You know, making it plain so that it’s pleasing on the eye of the reader. That should do it.

I know you’ll be waiting for the next post. In that case, you’re always welcome here! Come check back often.