The Annoying Pop-ups

Let’s just say you’re browsing through a wide variety of information on the internet. You click here, you click there and all that. And then, an advertisement suddenly pops out of your screen, interrupting whatever you’re doing. Isn’t it annoying? So much for the browsing, you simply close each pop-up one by one. But repeated instances could be a real pain.

Pop-up ads, as it is called, intends to attract online users with products or services. It appears automatically or by a trigger (by means of clicking through some of the links), depending on the website that you’re visiting. Pop-ups may offer a product, advice or anything, for as long as they could lure people to click on them. Oh well, what else could these pop-ups be used for?

Online users simply ignore them, as a general rule. You never know, some of these pop-ups could be the real dangers in the online world. It is the main culprit of malware and viruses since they disguise themselves as a simple advertisement that would give away [put product here] and then by clicking it comes to the worst and unexpected disaster. It could steal information, do some damage, or worse, put you in trouble.

Normally, I’m quite annoyed by such pop-ups that repeatedly appear on the screen whenever I visit a particular site so I decided to install a pop-up blocker on my favorite browsers. But you know the consequences of these pop-up blockers, they would make everything slower as you want it to be. It doesn’t matter though if it really aims to block anything that steals your focus.

Advertising or annoying? What else could these pop-ups be for anyway?