Painful Remembrance

Sometimes, there are things worth remembering, and some are quite unworthy. Even though it may sound terrible, if it really tells the story of your life, then it’s quite worthy of being remembered. Some sort of memory.

When was the time you feel glad? When was the time you feel gloomy? When was the time you ever feel miserable? When was the time you feel like being rejected by almost everyone inside the class? When was the time you ever had fun with some of your close friends from your class?

Sometimes, I hate the thought of remembering everything that involves the past, especially the miserable ones. I’ve recovered from such unfortunate events, yet they always seem to linger in my mind. Traumatic as it seems, it’s been a part of me and could never be taken away just like that.

Why am I remembering things whenever I met some of my old friends (which is quite rare, since I hardly ever see them since that last day), see their photos or browsing through social networking sites? I don’t wish to say that their sole purpose is to remind me of all the bad things that happened. If it is, then it’s absolutely not a good way to remember your old friends since it will ruin your hopes to keep in touch with them. I wanted to keep mum about my negative thoughts, though. It’s out of the question anyway.

So much has happened, time flies quickly without a warning… You never had a chance to relive your past, and so it’s too late to change everything. But you can catch up. Sadly though, these bad experiences in life may as well remain for the rest of your life. It definitely leaves a permanent mark for you to remember, and to inspire for you to do better.