Your Virtual Alter Ego

Sometimes, being yourself is just plain boring. At times you wanted to look like somebody else, only that would make you feel ambitious about yourself. You’d probably be wishing for a different identity without having to go that far…

It’s not like I simply hated being myself, but I just wanted to be distinct. But the problem is, am I really certain about the change?

And then there’s the online world, and also the fact that you wanted to remain anonymous to the other online users. You would rather want to discover some way to create a unique identity to distinguish yourself from who you are. And that’s when the avatars came.

Normally, avatars are meant to represent you as your second identity, or more accurately, your graphical alter ego. They’ve become quite popular with bloggers, gamers, and online users. And I am one of them.

Generally, my fascination with avatars dates back to senior high, when I had my own e-mail address for my computer class. Of course, Yahoo! has an avatar feature called Yahoo Avatars where you can generate your own graphical representations that can be customized to satisfy your good-looking desires. You could go crazy with it, dressing up your avatar which outfit you like.

Meez, a social network service focusing on virtual world, had its own personalized avatar generator as well. But unlike Yahoo Avatars, not everything on Meez is free. In fact, some of the items need to be purchased (using  Meez coins or cash) in order for you to use it. Sometimes, I usually screen capture (or save) the avatar’s new appearance, much to my delight. Mixing and matching the outfits, sometimes experimenting with them to come up with something new.

In a past few years, I’ve created a bunch of personalized avatars using these avatar generators:

Using Meez



Using Yahoo Avatars

yahoo-09        yahoo-08        yahoo-07

yahoo-06        yahoo-05        yahoo-04

yahoo-03         yahoo-02        yahoo-01

These avatars could be wonderful, though it’s only just a representation of yourself (or your alter ego) online. Simply put, you can’t be anybody else, but then, why not? You’re free to try out anything and you can certainly look good while trying.