The Kin Keihan Times: From Beginning To End


More than four years in the cyberspace, the Kin Keihan Times serves as my official blog site. Most of the posts are more of personal experiences, but at times there were a few informative posts as well as some stories and poems.

By the time I started the KKT, I simply wanted to share my experiences and express my opinions. It was truly an ambitious approach, and it certainly requires an inspiration in order for me to write a simple post. That was then. Through time, the blog site was slowly improving, and it has undergone several revamps and redesigns. Everything seemed fine until it was time to let go of it and start a new one. I had a feeling that through time, I would need something catchy, something more appropriate. So I think up of a suitable name for the new blog site, and the rest is all up to me. As soon as TWATKcox had started, the KKT chose to bid farewell.

So here it is, the timeline of the remarkable things that happened, and some posts that really mattered. Click on the image to view an even more interactive timeline!