Like A Maze (On Directions And Road Maps)

So here I was, going to [name of place] and spending the whole afternoon sightseeing. Everything is planned (itinerary included), carefully reading the directions in going to that place and dividing time between every place to be visited on that day. Repeatedly scanning the road map for places not yet visited. And that was that.

Knowing that going to that particular place for the first time, it’s always advisable to know first where you’re going and preparing the itinerary. Also, there were options of going there, depending on where you’ll be coming from. Sometimes, you need to think twice before proceeding with the plan. And of course, your preferred route, time and money. Everything needs to be calculated.

You’ll be surprised that you were already there but wait… I feel like I’m going to be lost! Help!

Problems With Directions

Of course, there were choices. The longest route? The shortest route? The cheapest way to go there? The easiest and efficient way to get there? The choice is yours. But of course, you would definitely go for the shortest, easiest, cheapest… anything that wouldn’t cost you much time and money. Cheapskate travelers (cheapskate city traveler in my case) always choose that option.

So there. Everything is well planned, however, there were times that the directions weren’t clear enough to understand. Does it require a map or some landmarks for you to remember? The moment you left the house and on the way to [the name of place], your mind suddenly went blank. What now? How to get there? Is there an alternative route when there’s traffic? Sometimes, directions would only offer the basics but some large details. Like, a street going to the street and then turn left to that street… until you reach the destination. It’s simply not enough… well almost enough.

Those who couldn’t wait would often overlook some important reminders. So that makes them get lost during the trip…

Road Maps

Is the road map updated? If not, then you’re in for some confusion and wondering where to find that newly built place which is not on the map. Of course, there are some inconsistencies when it comes to exact locations. What you would have thought that the place on this block is actually on the other block? Confusions might happen. And some name changes, and new buildings replacing old buildings…

But road maps can help you find your way and deciding which path to take, which is great considering that you’ll be constantly relying on the road map as a reference. It could not exactly pinpoint where your relative’s house is or your favorite restaurants are, it is a starting point for those who wish to visit some place or someone. Don’t forget to replace your road map in case you feel like you’re not being updated of some places in the nearby town or a development of some kind. Usefulness? Absolutely!


Why do you go out? Of course, to visit [the name of tourist attraction]. And what else? Any other place which is near to the place being visited.

Have you planned well enough? Of course, that’s quite mandatory (unless you’re planning to go nowhere, that is) if you want to make sure that every place visited is really worth visiting (again). School trips also have this, in order to keep the tour organized and go smooth sailing. Basically, it’s the list of places you’ve been planning to visit within a day or a week. It certainly needs to be followed, but at times it could be revised, like making some changes on your unpredictable schedule.. even on the day of the tour. Even if the plan is fixed…


Why would I consider going places like a maze? It is actually more of discovering places and paths, but there are times that in order to go there, you should walk along the streets, trying to guess which way is the right way. Lots of directions and more twists and turns… it’s getting confusing sometimes. Well, at least for the first time. Maps and directions, you might rely on them a lot… but as you frequent a lot of places lately, you might have memorized how to get there. In the end, the most important thing to know is how not to get lost.