A Series Of Interests: In Three Topics

After nearly three months of dormancy, I’ve finally come back with a series of posts. That sure is going to buy me some time, but I suddenly got bitten by this writing bug… so there!   [@kcox105] [#twatkcox]

Saturday Mornings

Basically, I was up doing whatever I love, whatever I like. Back when I was in elementary, I would often spend my Saturday mornings watching TV and playing RPGs or any other games on my PC. It has drastically changed nowadays.

Before, I was up before sunrise, enjoying great mornings with a perfect (well, not quite) breakfast. And then I go straight to the computer for an hour of RPGs or so… and later on, with my favorite animé TV shows. Quite typical for a 12-year-old, at least for me.

Fast forward ten years later. I’m now twenty-two, still into RPGs and animé, but no longer an early riser. My Saturday mornings now involves quality, informative programs, news and being on Facebook. At times, I always keep my phone with me, just in case I feel like playing mobile games or reading fanfics in Java format (mine’s a Java phone, just in case you’re wondering). At times, I read novels.

The big difference lies in a variety of things. Change in programming, being connected to the internet, and when I was still studying a few years back, I have classes on Saturdays (being a part of college life, which had a confusing schedule with every semester). Also add that I’m getting tired of playing the same RPG games from ten years back, or even older. But it doesn’t matter now, eventually, I’m getting over this kind of life anyway.

RPG: Role Playing Game

What’s an RPG by the way? Let’s just say that you are chosen to save the world, lets you name your character and talk to the rest of the people in the game. At times, there involves monsters and weapons. Sometimes, you’re on a quest to be the hero, at times you’re the coolest character everyone in the game thinks. Well, that’s my own explanation, there’s no need to bash me for that statement.

RPGs tend to get more exciting as the storyline progresses, discovering new paths and going through the dangers of being attacked by some monsters and climbing mountains and crossing the seas… that’s the best thing if you love exploring, video game style.

Nowadays, my idea of an RPG game should involve some cool-looking guys with powerful weapons and awesome costumes (the one being a fashion statement, at least). But most important of course is a very interesting storyline and an exciting quest for saving the world.

Fan Fiction

Did I just mention fan fiction? Of course, if you’re a big fan of a particular video game, you tend to create your own version of the game’s storyline. With a few alterations and a great imagination, it could actually turn out to be cool (and humorous).

I’m a fan of [name of an RPG video game], so I often search the internet for some information regarding the game. I stumbled upon this amazing fan site and started discovering fanfics written by imaginative fans and adding some twists to their stories.

Okay, back to the topic. Aside from drama and humor in every fanfic, there were also pairings. Of course, even the hero of the game needs a perfect partner as to keep the fan base growing. There were also slash pairings, which are the highlight in some stories. These might contain some contents not suitable for minors, so they are classified by the rating.

Having read some fanfics, I was quite moved by their imagination and wishing to create one someday. But I don’t think I could be any better than the amazing fanfic writers, so I’ll just leave it up to them. Besides, I’m happy by just reading their hilarious parodies and all of that, for as long as it doesn’t cause offense to anyone concerned. And, remember to give credit to the game maker.


I had decided to create a bunch of interesting topics under a single post. Besides, I haven’t written for so long now, I need to catch up so that I could repost some of the articles in the Timeline series. I also have lots of ideas in mind, and it’s better to write them while I still can. So, I’m hoping to move on the next post!