Saturday Fantasy (Timeline Series #2)

Originally posted July 18, 2011, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


You’d be wondering what my 6th grade Saturdays would be like… For me, it’s quite a fusion of fun and fantasy. It was actually nice, especially with animé and gaming involved.

I always make sure that I don’t miss Saturdays, for that was my special day and not just any weekend break. My weekly routine is as follows: heading straight to TV, watching my favorite animé shows and later heading straight to my computer for some gaming… Oh, does that make me a freak?

Anyway, I used to watch a variety of animé shows on Saturday mornings. It was wonderful, at least I experience the way kids do on weekends. That was then… In the afternoons, I was in front of the computer playing RPGs. It was like… kind of my former weekend ritual.

The computer may have given me a new level of enjoyment, but I love watching TV just the same. Sometimes, I feel like going back but then…