The Machine That Changed My Life (Timeline Series #1)

Originally posted July 18, 2011, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


More than nine years ago, on May 2002, that was the time we had our first computer. It was a surplus, but that time we’re so glad to have one. It was the machine that could change our lives, it was a big help when it comes to doing projects, activities, and anything educational. I even remember making my own birthday card for my 12th birthday.

One of the biggest joys for having owned a computer was gaming. Well, at least more of a video game console… puzzle, RPG and strategy ones. There goes my subtle addiction that increased a bit until I totally get hooked playing RPGs frequently, especially on weekends (to which it lasted until I got tired of it and shifted to writing instead). Perhaps, I should call it “the boredom-buster machine”. Sometimes, I played RPGs in the morning before I go to school (while waiting for my school service), and right after I got home from school.

Chip’s Challenge everyone? It was one of my favorite games that I sometimes played until the reformat (in which it was forever deleted along with the rest of the files on the hard drive). Collecting chips, avoiding monsters, trying not to get into any dangerous obstacles (such as water, fire, traps, etc.), and beating the time limit (except in some levels). Luckily, I have it once again, and it was (as of this moment) not played for so long that I might consider doing it sometime.

RPG, or Role Playing Game, is where most of my time is wasted on. It is like being the lead character in the game, where you need to accomplish something before you proceed to next. For me, it’s highly addicting. But I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed having a computer for the very first time.

Anything else… well, I guess that’s all for now. More of which will be posted in the next time travel, but for now I’ll be sticking to this time period. Until then!