For Mom (Re-post)

A special tribute to our moms out there! First published on the Kin Keihan Times exactly four years ago, it is a poem written especially for our dear moms!

(Written May 12, 2013)


On this special day

We present to you

This special poem

To say… how much we love you

And how important you are to our lives

You have worked so hard

To raise us

To teach us

To guide us

You are the greatest inspiration

You make us realize how hard it is being a mom

You’ve work so hard

You never cease to care for us

And for this day

We wanted to say

Thank you for being a good mom

For every good moments we had

In return, we promise

That we will always take care of you

The way you care for us

We will be good and humble

And to greet you…

A happy mother’s day to you, my dear mom!