No, Never, And I Don’t Like (Re-post)

One of the articles posted in the now defunct Kin Keihan Times, dated August 14, 2008.


No, Never and I Don’t Like… These are the words I always use when refusing offers, as means of addressing them with such frank expression. I’m always like that whenever I refuse offers, but sometimes it pays to be nice. So I better advice to address them nicely, even though you’re going to say no to their offer (unless the one who offers is the one being frank and cranky).

They’re also the words of dislike as if they were used to express hate and despise to someone who is stupid, dull or dumb-headed. Since I’m sometimes dull and stupid, I expect that someone will despise me… but instead, they liked me more. Well, I guess there are exceptions…

Whether it is used for refuse or dislike, these words remain standing on the top of the page as we have the right to refuse something we don’t like! But not for all. First, we must understand that not all things we can refuse are really for worse. It has to be something good (a valid reason perhaps), something acceptable and something that understands the situation. Second, such things are not meant to be refused or disliked, and one of the examples is food. You can’t simply resist over a mouth-watering chocolate cake, can’t you? But you seem to be shy when your friend treats you to a restaurant and it’s all your friend’s expense! Imagine that one… If your friend treats you to a chocolate cake or something delicious, all you have to do is to accept it as if it was God’s gift to you. What’s wrong with accepting such thing to be refused? It’s up to you whether you’re going to treat your friend (to a movie, restaurant or whatever) or not, as means of paying back for all your friend gives you. And finally, be wary of refusing or despising, as these either put you to safety or danger.

I do hope that you learn a bit of it from this article. Who knows, it can help you decide whether you can refuse over something or not. And remember, do it in a nice way!

The List Of My Top 25 Certain Dislikes In Life

I might as well list down the top twenty-five dislikes in my life. You know that everyone has its own likes and dislikes, don’t you? I can’t guarantee that one, as there are certain changes in the passing days.

Here is the list: Please take note of those in UPPERCASE.
1. First, I hate IGNORANTS. They just don’t care that much, and they’re no help after all.
2. I hate STRESS. You know how stress could ruin your day, don’t you? Well then, don’t try to annoy me when I’m totally stressed, or I’m going to throw you out!
3. I might as well hate ANNOYANCES. You know what I had just meant.
4. I hate TROUBLES. Please, no more fighting.
5. I don’t like DEPRESSION. This might kill me by any means (by a nylon rope or by a sharp knife).
6. I hate ARGUMENTS because this might get even worse.
7. I hate BEING PUSHED DOWN by someone bigger than me. Who the heck are they to do that anyway?
8. I don’t honor STALKERS. Just make sure I don’t see another shadow when I walked home alone.
9. Mind you, but I hate NONSENSE TALK. Interesting topics are only allowed in here.
10. Oh no, the sky looked dark! You know I hate HEAVY DOWNPOURS! What if I get wet?
11. I don’t believe SUPERSTITIONS. I just don’t want my life to be ruled by it.
12. I hate being pulled by a PRANK! Pranksters, behave!
13. I’m somewhat frank and cranky, sometimes sassy. But I still hate VIOLENCE because that makes me feel even worse as well.
14. I hate THREATS, especially when there’s life involved. It can only ruin my mood.
15. I hate DEATH because that’s the end of everything.
16. ROCK MUSIC is definitely not my type of music, for there are violence and swearing involved. I always stick to love songs instead.
17. I just say no to DRUGS, ALCOHOL, and SMOKING. These are the factors for wasting your good life.
18. Ohmmyggod! Don’t you SCARE ME TO DEATH, please! I thought it was just a ninja trying to attack me with one swift move…
19. RUMORS and SCANDALS are completely out of the question.
20. I’m no longer in favor of MAKING PROMISES… because I sometimes tend to lie…
21. I find it hard to resist BAD CRITICISMS, and so I’m planning to get rid of it.
22. I don’t consider ENEMIES as friends. Not until they were serious enough to change.
23. Ban all those BULLIES! Heh… You scared?
24. Thinking EVIL is no good. Better be good!
25. Ah… Finally, there is one thing I would rather get rid of: SOME OF MY PRESENT CHARACTERISTICS in life (such as being sassy, cranky, mad and the like). This time, I really need to have confidence, get rid of my negative behavior, and start a new life! Time for a change, rather.


Well then, there may be some reasons why I hate certain things that could destroy me or certain dislikes I knew you enjoyed so much (mine is different, and you all know that as well). There are times we couldn’t agree over such likes, dislikes, whatever… But certainly, we could get over it, couldn’t we?