It’s Me Before Facebook: Great Sites Missed

Facebook is today’s trend when it comes to social media. But before that, I’ve been on Friendster for about five years, and Multiply for more than six years. Times have changed, and so are the trends.

Friendster (as a Social Networking Site)

Back in my high school days, everyone’s raving about Friendster. It’s all about adding friends and posting testimonials, it was sure fun in the online world. You can even customize your profile and add some content into it. Being a newbie to the online world that time, I need to catch up with the rest of my classmates. That’s where I spend most of the time whenever I sit down in an internet café. I was raving about it too.

I must have posted about a thousand photos, changed layouts several times, changed my profile picture countless times and so on… Posting testimonials (and later, Shoutouts) become my habit whenever I logged in. Checking friends list and their profiles and customizing the layout and reading my About Me section and so on… it seemed rather endless. Or so I thought.

Perhaps you’re wondering… what was the coolest thing back then? You might have the same answer as mine… seven years ago. Today, it’s a different answer. Friendster today focuses on games, entirely different from what it is back then. Almost five years have passed since I’ve created my first FS account (I have two, by the way), its social networking service was discontinued. Facebook’s success had contributed to this downfall.


Another social networking site, it focuses on sharing content such as videos, blog, and photos. It’s more than just being connected, it’s actually your own personal space in the online world.

Though I’ve created an account that time, I never did have much use for it (except for looking into other user’s playlists and reading blogs). Eventually, I abandoned my Multiply account and focused on Facebook and my blog.

It later becomes an e-commerce site, becoming an online marketplace. It shut down soon after almost a year.


A great place to listen to music and creating a playlist to embed in some websites. Imeem somehow amused me by providing entertainment through streaming music and music videos. In fact, I’ve created a few playlists and embedded it into my Friendster profile.

It was later acquired by Myspace, and I’m not even sure if my playlists created are carried over to that site. Though it only lasts a few years, it always made music lovers really happy. Or quite so.


A lot of memories created, a lot of fun posted… they may be here now but not tomorrow. For me, it was a great moment turned into a memory. Especially Friendster… But let’s move on, I’m sure there were a lot of great sites remained as of today. And a lot more trends to come.

I knew this might be redundant by the time I re-post the article “My World Online” from the Kin Keihan Times. Watch out for it soon!


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