The Farewell Story: A Transferee’s Account (Timeline Series #3)

Originally posted August 16, 2011, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


So there I am, preparing for graduation. But the endless taunting of my classmates makes it a good reason why I’m planning to move out of the school afterwards. Until now, I still remember that moment.

With every practice, I began to wonder what a high school life would be like. I thought… it would be the same as elementary? Are they even serious, not thinking of what the elementary students are thinking? I don’t think it is… that’s for sure. That depends.

I came with my mom one day to have a good look at the school where I’ve spent my next four years. That was where my brother graduated, and I bet it’s even more wonderful in there… lots of fun, more people to meet and best of all, a great place to enjoy my momentous high school life. I smiled to myself as I look around the campus. Soon, I’ll be one of the students here…

After the graduation, I’ve finally moved out of private school. Aside from my desire to escape from my miserable past, financial problem is one of the reasons for my transfer to another school. By the thought of that, I’m so glad we (my parents and I) came to this decision. Before I knew it, I was already there.

The last time I visited my old school was when my mom and I came there to get the Form 138. Some of my former classmates (possibly) could not believe that I’ve left them. I joined them for a while, and soon it’s time to leave. I have no news about what they’ve been doing the entire high school…

Like moving from one residence to another, transferring to another school is experiencing a new life and moving out of your usual lifestyle. As a transferee, I need to adjust to the new environment I’m in, but luckily I’ve had a bunch of new friends to start with so I don’t feel lonely. Two familiar persons are also with me: my long lost friend and classmate in elementary and my childhood friend from my neighborhood. It seems like it’s a good start, much like a new day dawning.