My World Online (Re-post)

I said earlier on the post “It’s Me Before Facebook: Great Sites Missed” that this re-post might make that newer article redundant. It’s actually safe to say that I explained everything better in here, except that it’s dated. Speaking of dated, it was posted on April 27, 2012… more than a year ago, when the blog site was still called the Kin Keihan Times with references to the now defunct blog. [@kcox105] [#twatkcox]


The Start

It was 2006 when I started having my first Friendster account. The said social networking site is quite popular back then.

Since I got hooked up on Friendster, I would spend some nights in an internet café adding friends, posting videos on my profile page, exploring my friends’ profile pages for anything interesting, customizing the layout of my profile page… but the most important of all, to be reconnected with your old friends and classmates from way back. It was really amazing.

Friendster also has the blogging service, called Friendster Blogs. It is where I first hosted the Kin Keihan Times, which started in 2008… two years after joining Friendster. Much of my posts on the first generation KKT was more of personal and literary posts, and I became quite active with logging in and logging out of the account every so often. I’ve uploaded a lot of pictures and posted countless testimonials (comments would have been a proper term though), and perhaps some posts about my experiences worth expressing.

I was lured to YouTube, a video hosting site. I was actually awed by its wide range of content, from music videos, anime and Asian programs to anything awesome… I’ve posted some of it on my profile page. And there’s also Imeem, a music streaming site where I created a playlist of my favorites. Imeem is now defunct and was merged with Myspace some years later.

The Facebook Season

It was in 2009 when I first created my Facebook account (and added another one the following year). At first, it could be that plain simple until I’ve added a few friends, and persuading others to join me there.

Facebook is becoming a fast trend among social networking users. Since then, I was getting hooked on posting status updates, uploading pictures, posting notes and even trying out some Facebook games. And it was getting bigger.

I was lured into Farmville, a popular game on Facebook. It is maintaining a farm while decorating it with some sort of items. I spend hours plowing, harvesting, decorating… only for a year though. And then back to normal browsing and posting.

I continued to post some articles on then Friendster Blogs hosted KKT until 2010, to which I briefly migrated to Blogger (and later WordPress where the KKT is now). Until Friendster revamped into a gaming site, I was trying to revive my interest in it but it failed.

And so, the time has finally come for the transition and the old KKT is being transferred to its new home in WordPress. I was given a chance to back up everything and then poof… Friendster as a social networking site is now a memory to me. Though I still have the account on its new version, I never bothered to log in though.


I’m currently maintaining three blogs for WordPress, as well as closing my Blogger version of the KKT. I joined Twitter in 2010. In 2011, I joined Tumblr, this time maintaining the spin-off for the Kin Keihan Times called The World According To KCOX (TWATK). I created the fan page for the KKT as well. Looking back though, it seemed like everything may come and go. And so, I was sticking to the trend.

I’m also fond of liking every artist, movie, book and TV show that I liked, as well as posting music from Youtube on the wall as well. And if I have time, then updating through Facebook and Twitter, and posting new material through WordPress and Tumblr. There’s this thing called Google+, perhaps another new trend but I don’t feel like joining it for now.

So there, I was becoming more and more fascinated with the online world. Sooner or later, another trend may come so right now, I’m enjoying viewing the news feed on Facebook while posting status updates and anything worth posting. And I’m planning to update the KKT and TWATK as much as I can. Who knows, everything could change the usual habit while being online.