The Art Of Looking Good, KCOX Style

Sometimes, people can’t help looking good. But spending almost three hours staring at the mirror just so you can take a good look at your beautiful hair and trying to look perfect? To be honest though, why that long?

Before, I was only supposed to dress simply… I was often to wear only this and that… this and that. Later on, I felt like I’m meant to follow some kind of a dress code, especially when it comes to climate. Ours is a tropical country, so there are two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Another thing, grown-ups constantly argue with their parents over the choice of clothes, whether it’s comfy or not, revealing, layered (meaning wearing one garment over the other), monotone (wearing everything of the same color)… it’s like violating their right to express themselves through fashion.

Since then, I was often screaming just to wear that particular shirt or wearing one under the button-down shirt. I had a chance to do this when I was in college. Most of the time, whenever I’m going out, I often consider the outfits done through mixing and matching. At times, I would rummage through the closet just to decide what to wear next. With that, I felt even more creative and at the same time, I would never get tired of the same old outfit, mix-and-match style.

Mix and match, whether garments and colors, I had my own choice of combinations. My favorite color combinations are as follows: red-black, orange-black, brown-black, light blue-dark blue, and black-gray. For the top clothing though, especially in layers, I always like pairing it with black slacks. Sorry, but I don’t feel like wearing denim. I can hardly move freely on those.

I often experimented with hair styles as well, though I only did that wolf-like hairstyle, fly away and fringe. The last time I did it was… well… two years ago? Since then, I only kept my hair short. At times, I often consider crew cut, and I only had it at least once or twice.

But what I liked best when looking good? Looking at the mirror. I had such delight of seeing myself in that outfit and constantly taking shots, a la selfie. So much for this obsession that began through drawing someone wearing a particular outfit, most of them unusual. I might as well include some computer generated avatars (see Your Virtual Alter Ego).

Of course, I never forget to go simple. Anything but layered outfits. That at least keeps it balanced, instead of wearing such outfits at all times. I’m not at all trying to look good, but then…