The Downsides In Threes

On Being A Writer

Yes, I admit, this is just self-proclaimed. I know I can’t be a writer overnight. I’ve yet to learn more about being one.

At first, I thought I could never finish a short novel. Yes, it is somewhat very complex compared to writing short stories. I also admit that some of my trial works (the first ones) wouldn’t make sense, especially in situations and locales, which turned out to be… real fictitious. Even the setting and names of persons, they were too fictitious to actually refer to the real world.

As the story progresses, so does the writer’s block. I could think of a better idea for the story, but then it would get off my mind and I’m back to thinking wonderful, forgotten ideas to incorporate into the story. It took me quite a long time to finish a short novel. Adding to that long period of writing that particular story is my college life. I’ve been very busy back then.

In the end, I had already finished two short novels and I’ve yet to read them all over again to check for any inconsistencies in my works. Westernized, as it is, it was a great achievement, at least for myself. There’s room for improvement, so this is not yet the end. Who knows, I could be way better than I am now.

Boredom And Restlessness

I need to keep myself busy. I read books, I draw, I listen to music, I watch TV shows (and some movies and animé shows saved on my computer), I play RPGs, I travel… and most of all, I write stories and articles. But of course, there was a time when I feel like I can do anything, but actually, I’m stuck with nothing else to do. At times, it’s killing me.

Whenever I’m on a trip, I always bring a book, a phone (also doubles as a music player and anything else), a notebook and a pen, and sometimes reference materials (like maps, etc.) and anything, as long as I could keep myself busy. Of course, they tend to get ignored as I always enjoyed the scenery along the way so it could be considered pointless. But it’s better to be prepared.

At home, I tend to spend hours in front of the computer screen, surfing and reading articles online… nothing else. I only enjoyed writing when it’s near or past midnight. I could be that restless, always having the trouble of sticking to one task. That would bore me, in the least.

Whenever I’m at someone else’s house, I would often look around. Of course, I always find myself later with my phone at hand. There goes the habit of reading messages, playing games, listening to music or anything that keeps me busy. I tend to get restless, I was often bored that I need to get up and walk a little.

I was wondering… when I am going to stay still while watching a stage play or paying attention to what my friends say? Until I could get over this boredom, I would be like that for the time being.

Stormy Weather

Recently, thunderstorms, typhoons, and tropical depressions hit the country. Since it was the rainy season, we often braced ourselves for what will happen next.

It usually began in May or June and ends in September or October. During those times, people need to prepare themselves in times of emergency, in case there’s an impending danger. And yes, it was hard for the families to evacuate whenever there’s a typhoon in that particular area.

Stormy weather may be good enough to replenish the need of water and prevent drought. But too much of it can lead to disasters. It could also affect businesses and growing crops. And at times, it could mean danger to commuters and motorists.

I often see bad weather as a disadvantage for I hate getting wet whenever I need to go out. Thankfully now, the roof of our house is fixed but I still need to watch out for leaks. Our family had a hard time when that similar incident happened last year, just weeks before we had the roof fixed. The roof was in terrible condition and there were possibilities of leaks everywhere. That certainly got me disoriented but it was all better now. Of course, the possibility of getting stranded is one of the downsides of a stormy weather. It’s not easy to stay inside a building or in a covered quadrangle while waiting for the rain to stop and the flood to settle down.

Once it ends, it would be quite a relief. And that will give us more time to recover and to prepare the next time the rainy season comes.