Hell Season (Timeline Series #6)

Originally posted January 4, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Studying at a public school is like living in a mixed community. And so, I came to know people from all walks of life. If my first year in public school turned out to be a great experience, then my second year would be the opposite… well, not totally opposite though.

And so, I’ll put it up to you this way. This is the time where I began experiencing troubles that could totally screw me up. Annoyance and unexpected friends-turned-enemies, and sometimes bullying from such people… I will not mention the names.

I can’t think of anything to get even with them, they are incredibly smarter than I am. But that should not stop me from thinking of a good plan to do such revenge, and at times I feel like I’ve done it. Just think of what I’ve done to one of my classmates, days before the school year ends, it was somewhat terrible but in mind, I feel great after I’ve done it. Seriously, I was quite more anxious about the thought that I will be sent to the office, but it was fine though. Even that person didn’t even think of doing the same for me.

So much for this school year and after this season ends, I’m sure glad that I could finally relax again, something that I enjoyed much afterwards.