A Critical Approach In Life

NOTE: Parts of this post can be offensive to some readers. If that’s the case, then I would strongly recommend you to leave this article and go visit my other articles or other websites or close the browser. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

In my five years of blogging life, never did I mention anything negative about certain issues or topics in any of the posts. I’m just being careful, as I don’t wish to offend anyone reading this. Five years and counting, I’m still a long-time amateur blogger with nothing but positive ideas and thoughts in my mind. I only wished to be frank, just this once.

Maybe I don’t incorporate frank and negative thoughts on some of my posts. Well, I may have written what’s on my mind, and my critical views about certain facts happening in real life. So there!

1. Crab mentality, [a famous Filipino phrase known as utak-talangka] that is often associated with envy, can be irritating. Just imagine that someone is living a better life through hard work, and unfortunately, the envious ones are spreading rumors about how that person got rich or anything… they just might say that person attained his or her riches through illegal means, which is entirely a lie. Both irritating and appalling…

2. Beware of snakes, real ones or a person like one. Just as painful (and fatal) as the snake bite, the deceptive trickery done by that snake person could destroy everything, from friendship to your own life. My advice, stay away from them.

3. Repetitive persuasions. I wouldn’t mind being a skeptic myself. Of course, I need to think twice before making decisions. It was tested though, through lots of repeated persuasions but I always stick to my decisions. Am I being wise or what? Or maybe I was really a skeptic after all…

4. Romantic relationships are best decided at a later date. A lot of young lovers skipped on waiting, and the result is a variety of problems ranging from teenage pregnancies to failed and miserable relationships. If you’ll ever ask me when then I might as well wait until I turned 30. (Mark my word!)

5. Your choice always rules, despite how many people are forcing you to choose whatever is on the list. Remember, their suggestions will always remain suggestions AND NOT the choice you should always take. You need not be dictated, otherwise insist. They’re not supposed to decide things for you, something that you will later resent for good. But at least, they’ll take the blame when things go wrong.

6. Competitive bragging can be a real pain. Like, when I saw lots of videos featuring kids and their amazing talents. A lot of them will be amazed but some grown-ups will say that they can do better with matching phrase “hold my beer” and all that. Okay then, prove it. Otherwise… (I’m not going to mention that one.)

7. Annoying people are the worst kind. Inside the class, there are some, and there are lots. Let me put it up to you this way: they’re the kind of people who would obviously need to get a life as their grades are falling behind D’s and F’s. In our schools before K+12, it’s below 75%.

8. Bashers and haters don’t deserve to be acknowledged. Especially when making such irrelevant comments or whatever. I didn’t mean to say that to deprive you of your right to express freely, but please do it in an appropriate manner. If you only knew hatred, then keep it to yourself and don’t say it.

That’s all I have in mind now, and if you ever read any of it, I hope you all wouldn’t take this personally. Really, it’s based on my personal views and nothing else. Take note of what I’ve just said.