Perfectionist Ideals

Everyone strives to be the best. Not that they don’t want to look down on themselves just because they’re not perfect. It’s a matter of being proud of their own achievements.

The same goes for me, though I spend a lot of time on decisions, second thoughts, plans, and ambitions. Not exactly what it means by being the best in everything, but I desire perfection. But I can’t be perfect all the time, I’m not that good.

Perfection is the key to contentment. It should suit your taste for finer things, both visually and socially. If it isn’t perfect, you’ll easily lose interest in it and feel discontented.

Why there is a need for perfection? It’s because everything should suit your needs and desires. Suppose that you have written a story and then you just keep on making a lot of revisions. It shows that you’re not contented with the outcome of the story and therefore need to do some changes in it. Or maybe there are inconsistencies and need to be corrected.

About this blog, I could have spent a great deal of time setting up everything… from header to widgets, and down to the smallest detail (such as time and date format, the indication when the article was published). It took me a few days before I could say that it’s all done. Simply put, I wanted my blog to look as professional as possible and pleasing to the eye of the web surfer.

The header took the longest time to make. I need the right font for it, but I can’t find what I need. If it doesn’t look attractive, I just start over. Well, I’ve done it finally and right now, it was really worth the effort.

Just as you strive for the best, being a perfectionist would mean that you are truly ambitious and would always make sure that you get to appreciate the finest of your creation. Just like that.