A Lot Of Great Things And Unexpected Surprises (Timeline Series #9)

Originally posted July 12, 2012, as part of the Timeline series for the defunct Kin Keihan Times.


Third-year high school is finally here… Despite having to miss watching my favorite shows due to the schedule of my classes in the afternoon, I’m still enjoying every part of it. For instance, though, I was able to join my best friends (BFFs) after class, a few of my classmates from first-year became my classmates the second time around, and some teachers from the past two years became my teachers for this school year. In school’s foundation day, I had a chance to meet my classmate for two consecutive years and is now in the morning class.

But what’s great about this school year comes in threes: my classmates are truly the nicest aside from the ones in first year high, I could finally hang out with the BFFs, and I won’t be encountering the bully person for the time being and it’s 100% great! Much like what I’ve expected, this is my favorite school year, along with my first year in high school.

Also, I had the thrill of playing some RPG games I could never play with my dear old (first) PC. Somehow though, the faster PC (which is a laptop) had a problem with the hard drive and it’s back to a much simpler one, never mind the enjoyment of such RPG games requiring much power for it to run smoothly.

Then there’s the school tour, which took place on a Sunday. Some of the historical places, we never get to visit but it’s fun anyway. And with a pocket radio in hand, I discovered something that I’ll surely love up to the time I wrote this. Details on the next post.

So there again… I’m hoping to share more stories from the Timeline series. Expect more to come!