A Weird Start (Timeline Series #12)

The previous Timeline posts are originally from the Kin Keihan Times. By the time the KKT was discontinued earlier this year (and is now defunct), I was thinking of continuing the Timeline series without having to leave the earlier posts behind. So I decided to re-post all eleven articles relating to the Timeline series, from “The Machine That Changed My Life”, up to the latest post “From Holidays To The First Few Months Of A New Year”.

It’s been almost a year since the last post from the Timeline series, and hopefully, I can conclude this in the next three to four posts. For now, the twelfth post in the Timeline series is about to be written and posted. It is the first Timeline series post (not re-posted) on TWATKcox.


During the past few weeks, I was absolutely get hooked on watching animé shows, playing RPG and puzzle games, riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, writing stories (I never even finished) and listening to a smooth jazz station. And at times, helping my mom build the house (which had become her residence since my parents broke up a year later).

Another school year begins. Unlike the previous first day of school, I felt somewhat weird at the possibility of going to college. I haven’t even decided yet. But still, everything goes fine… at least until the first trouble began.

I’m so glad that I can finally go and see some of my classmates who were previously in the morning shift classes, as well as the usual hang-out with my BFFs after school. Aside from that, our class gets to occupy one of the classrooms in a recently built school building (but our classroom is on the fourth floor, so I was a little glad at the thought of going up and down the stairs, just to get to class or to the cafeteria).

It’s great that I still have a few classmates from my previous class, but I felt somewhat intimidated with some of my classmates. Yet I was becoming popular with the class. It was only short-lived though.

Going home, I was even having fun with my friends even if it will take an hour or so. For me, it was the best part of high school life. Maybe staying at one of the shops and have a chat, or at least wait for someone to get a ride first. Whether it was raining or not. It was absolutely a great moment. In some rare moments, we spent an afternoon at the park at the end of the village, where my school is.

I got the chance to lead the group, writing the script for the class presentation and even hang out with some of my classmates. I feel like being a part of them.

I joined the computer class (an elective), but in the end, only the four of us remained throughout the school year. At least, that spared me some time apart from some of the troublesome guys in the class.

Also, remember the guy from the “Hell Season” post? Well, he’s in another class right next to ours. It seems like the relief is all over. And I can never even get by without actually seeing his face anyway…