More Discoveries, More Fun, More Troubles (Timeline Series #13)

Senior year in high school means excitement, but it could also mean anxiety for some who wouldn’t want to leave their friends (and the memories behind). I, for some reason, tend to get anxious whenever I think about graduating this school year. It could always mean a whole different environment for me once I get into college.

Even though I felt strange during those times, I find it actually fun. For instance, I’ve been welcomed into the world of internet, initially setting up my Friendster account and started downloading desktop wallpapers and images of my favorite animé shows. I know it’s kind of impulsive, but it was actually my first time then.

The internet may have opened new interests and opportunities for me, such as adding my long lost friends and former classmates, and expressing myself through shoutouts (Friendster) and later blogging. Later on, I was so obsessed with it that I find myself checking my Friendster account often and downloading tons of stuff.

As usual, I’m always hanging out with my friends and staying at one of the stores… and then visiting my friends’ houses during special occasions (like during the school’s foundation day). Inside the school, I was in the corridor or inside the classroom, sometimes staying at the other building just to be away from my annoying classmates.

Rain or shine, stormy or not, it was a great pleasure just to be alone every once in a while. Of course, there were class suspensions which were a perfect time for me to do some craft of my own. I actually make my own dividers for my orange ring binder journal (I still have it until now, though I rarely used it). I also did some drawings on it, too.

Of course, I still experience troubles throughout this school year. The same troubles that I experienced during the previous years. Why are they doing that? I believe they were still immature.


October comes in like a storm. And yes, the month started with a devastating calamity. That was the time Typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane) hit the country and caused widespread damage. For a few days, there was no electricity. Classes are suspended and we have nothing else to do since I couldn’t use my computer to amuse myself or watch TV.

Later that month, my computer (the second one) had problems with its hard drive. So, unfortunately, no RPGs or writing for me… It took weeks before the hard drive got replaced and finally get back on track.

And so, that concluded half of the school year, and that begins the semestral break. I know it’s going to be weirder than before.