Hallo-Hallo Orange: A Halloween Concept


Last year, I had a Halloween Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen while en route to my friend’s place. I was quite enticed by its cute look, so I bought it and took some pictures of it before I savor it… for good. It was kind of funny too, especially at the thought of eating it. And so that’s how the Hallo-Hallo Orange concept began.

Yes, that happened sometime in October last year, can’t remember the exact date. But anyway, it was quite a treat. I was planning to do it sometime again next Halloween… maybe next year.

With a dozen of pictures, compiled and put together in a montage as you can see above, I’ve finally created this amazing, orangey concept called “Hallo-Hallo Orange”. I know it’s from last year, but it fascinated me a lot. Orange, after all, best fit the theme of this concept. And so is the jack-o-lantern look.

Maybe I was a little obsessed with the color orange, or maybe I was getting a little giddy about trying out that Dilly Bar like a kid and take photos with it (me included). In the end, it turned out to be remarkable, at least for me. And I still have the paper wrapper hidden somewhere in my personal stash.

Smiles and more smiles in a scary-fun season! Until next Halloween!


I know this is kind of late, but as you can see I’m kind of busy these past few days. I decided to write this remarkable event in my life while I still have the chance. I hope you wouldn’t mind…