Misconceptions And Some Confusions About Me

What do I have in common?

  1. I love listening to smooth jazz and easy listening tracks, that also includes rhythm and blues, new age, world music and bossa nova. (Others my age would rather listen to pop, rock or hip-hop… and novelty songs.)
  2. I always tuned in to smooth jazz and easy listening stations, at times classical music stations (these radio stations caters to the niche audience). (Some of them are much attracted to mainstream radio stations catered mostly to the masses, in the Filipino language.)
  3. I find myself wearing coats, double layered clothing, slacks and anything that would make me look good (and feel good), never mind the weather. (Do I look like someone else or I was, like, kind of look different among the rest?)
  4. I’m more into reading English novels, anything that interests me the most (especially rare ones), for as long as it’s not too mainstream. (It’s discovery, not popularity. I’m not much into trends, but I’m considering it.)
  5. I always find myself conversing in English, especially in blogging and social media. As an English major graduate and a call center agent in training, I’m practically used to it. (I still speak in Filipino at home.)
  6. I rarely go out of the house, mainly due to the fact that it’s even more comfortable staying inside the house and watch TV, play RPGs and surf websites. (I go out at times, but only when needed.)
  7. I’m more fascinated with refinement, sometimes I act gracefully. I don’t overdo it though. (I always thought of myself as a Westerner or something like that).
  8. I’m more of watching documentaries and news than watching prime time soap operas. (I’m no longer used to it though, and I rarely watch TV nowadays).
  9. I’m not much into trends, so I always find myself unfamiliar with today’s pop artists or the latest TV shows or personalities. (It’s the opposite for the rest of my friends.)

Misconceptions And Confusions

After listing all nine things about me, it’s time for an assessment. Well, I’m not fond of the usual trends (but I consider some of them), since I dare to be different. They might think of me as a weird person. But each of us had our own preferences. There’s nothing wrong with it.

At one time though, a man thought that I’m from another country (I was wearing a coat despite the warm weather). I only smiled though, I actually looked different from the rest. But most of the time, it was only stares and gapes. I think it must be unusual for them to see someone dressed up differently.

I deal with this confusion lightly, since it’s not a serious problem that would cost me my concern. But then, I’m not at all different. Every people is unique in its own way, but we tend to copy others just to be like them. Sometimes, it’s true in my case.

My choices would justify me as a totally different person. But of course, I don’t always stick to my preferences at all times. I listen to pop every once in a while and I dress down sometimes. So everything’s balanced. Only, I still don’t listen to radio stations I really don’t like or wear something I don’t like. That depends.


So should there be a confusion or a misconception, don’t be surprised. Instead, just explain. It could be flattering though, but of course, you should know better. It pays to be different, but remember to blend in with the rest.