A Transition Of Events, Happiness, And Miseries (Timeline Series #14)

I was wondering what will happen the moment high school ends. My mind was preoccupied with miserable and negative thoughts, recent troubles and uncertain future. I don’t know. I feel like I’m spending more time with my friends than with my classmates, which is great since I don’t want to associate myself with them anymore. I’ve had enough of these troubles, and it doesn’t seem to stop.

It’s November already. Just a few months left, and I’ll have another new year and I’ll be graduating out of high school. But the feeling of ending the school year as soon as possible seems to be more depressing than I thought it is. Anyways, the PC is fixed and I’m back to playing whatever RPGs or writing stories that I have started before the hard disk crash. Yay!

One thing that I enjoyed during these last few months before the new year is watching weekend animés. I always make sure that I don’t miss one of these episodes. It was for only a few weeks anyway, but I still enjoy it. I spend weekend afternoons playing RPGs, and later watching TV. That’s my kind of life, at least till this interesting show ends and I’ll just go back to simply playing RPGs the whole Sunday afternoon.

Around this time, my classmates had gone too far when it comes to doing such pranks on me. There are times I couldn’t find my backpack, and I spend about 15 minutes or so trying to get it back. They always do this as to spoil my day and make me mad. This continues until someone put a stop to it–that would be my mom.

All the things that they’ve been doing, it’s really getting on my nerves and I’m about to go ballistic and I need to hit some of them with my backpack. I really couldn’t understand why should I be scared of them? I thought… is there any way of getting back at them? All this time, I was thinking of something until I come up with a perfect plan.

Initially, I’ll be joining my friend’s class’ Christmas parties instead of joining my own. But then, I changed my mind and decided not to go at all. This could get me frustrated, and it’s all because of my darn, not-so-good classmates who were up to no good. The following day after, I went out on an out-of-town vacation with my mom and my relatives.

Back from the out-of-town vacation, I was busy with playing RPG games. This is more interesting than homework, but I know better than procrastinating and not doing my homework after all. Besides, I’m having a hard time learning, and this is my chance of proving myself as a well-deserved student, which is just a dream to me.

My classmates might be wondering why am I avoiding them. They have the answer, I have the answer. And it could get pretty confusing and frustrating. Depending on what you look at it, you still want to escape the harsh reality of life, and these unwanted persons want to pull you back in. It’s nothing worse than being in a classroom with these rowdy guys.

It’s goodbye for the year 2006, and hello to the year 2007. Let’s see how these last three months will go.