Three Months… To A Goodbye (Timeline Series #15)

It’s 2007 already, and I’m pretty fine with myself and my friends. As for my classmates, I’m sometimes fine… that is if I don’t include those rowdy guys from the class.

That was the time I bought myself a first book (a second-hand, thick paperback that I never finished), and that’s how I got hooked on reading novels. Since then, I must have collected about eight books by the time I finished high school. At first, I had a hard time focusing on reading it word by word, line by line, page by page… and then I got used to it.

And then, there was a talk about the prom. Most of them are really excited, but I don’t feel that enthusiastic. Besides, some of these rowdy guys will be present as well. But then, I might regret not being able to see some of my friends in nice suits and dresses. I went on with not attending the prom, and I never felt any regret. Besides, I’m not much into socializing with people that time.

As graduation comes near, so is the stressful passing of requirements and the highly anticipated taunting. I did expect that one coming because they started doing it to me. I mean, what’s with these people?

Graduation practices began, and it usually starts around 9:00 am, where the sun shines brighter. And it will continue until about 8:00 pm. During noon time, we had our break and we (some of my nicest classmates and I) just hang out somewhere near the school until it’s time for us to continue the rehearsal. I know that this will be the last time I’ll be enjoying my high school days, and I’m trying to make this moment worthwhile.

And then, here comes the day where we all part ways… the graduation ceremony. As we remember the greatest moments that ever happened, I knew that I’m going to miss every bit of it. It was time to let go. Uncertainty follows, and I started to feel anxious. It all wear off by the time the ceremony ends, and I feel a bit relaxed. Summer comes next, so I’m kind of glad that I made it. And to think that I’m ready for another chapter, I still need more time though.

So till we meet again, I said so to myself, it’s goodbye for now. But who knows, one of these days we’ll meet again… maybe unexpectedly. More importantly, I should be thinking of what course I should take in college.