Feast Of Happiness: A Yuletide Post

We take pride in having the longest celebrated Christmas season in the world. As soon as September comes in, everyone started putting up Christmas decorations and shopping for gifts. Christmas songs dominated the playlist, and mall-wide sales and discounts are here and there. And a few days before Christmas, there are children caroling and people gathering at the church for the holiday mass.  Plus some of the greatest surprises that will definitely make this holiday at its best.

But what’s best about Christmas is a special feast, along with the family reunion (with the relatives and cousins) and fun altogether. The joy of being with the family during the holidays is absolutely priceless. And speaking of a feast, there’s lechon, ham, queso de bola, and a list of our usual favorites (that we serve in various celebrations). We would gather around the table and enjoy every food on the table with lots of good news and lively topics, everything worth talking about. And there were exchanging of gifts and smiles coming from the children’s faces. And then there’s picture-taking to best describe what happened during the holiday get together.

Most importantly, more than peace, love and the counting and sharing of blessings, is that we celebrate the birth of Christ. We all thank him for everything, whether it’s love, joy, success, or the rise from all the hardships in life. He makes it all possible, for us to live and to love life!