A Yearly Transition: 2013 At A Glance

2013 At A Glance

A lot of things sure happened this year. Lots of places I’ve visited, some interesting (and highly anticipated) novels and manga books to read, rekindling my interest in writing stories and drawing, watching TV shows (particularly anime series)… and most of all, I’ve created another blog called The World According To KCOX.

The World According To KCOX: A Milestone Of Posts

Ever since TWATKcox is launched, I’ve posted about 40+ articles. Some of them are re-posted from my former blog site, The Kin Keihan Times.

So much has happened, so many thoughts and ideas posted… and so many articles for TWATKcox’s first year. I never knew I have posted this much, I even surprised myself (well, some of them are re-posts). It was either fueled by a determination or I feel compelled to post something when I feel like it.

The Timeline series is so far the longest series of articles on this site (with 16 posts). It began on the KKT and was continued and finished on this site. There are also a few re-posted articles, as well as the new ones. There were some improvements as well.

By the time TWATKcox will celebrate its first year on January 26, I’ll continue to bring more stories and interesting facts through my posts, and I hope that you’ll visit my site often.

The Year 2014

I know that a new year could mean lots of new trends, new interests, and new stories, as well as new experiences. For that, I’ve yet to discover what I really wanted for life. You can read all about it in my next post.