The Anniversary Post

Thank you for visiting and reading my posts on TWATKcox! And yes, we’re celebrating our first year in the cyberspace. Yay!

It’s like I’ve created this a few months ago and then I keep on writing articles and posting them on this site and all that. It’s amazing how I even managed to post more than 40 articles, despite the fact that I don’t have much time and some of these posts are re-posts from my old blog, The Kin Keihan Times.

All right, so let me list down some of the articles on this site and the reason why I feel compelled to write these. And yes, they can either be remarkable or not.

The Entire Timeline Series

I decided to document my life story involving interests and emotions so that I can freely express myself and to inspire others as well (but not exactly inspiring… well, just a little).

Some of the posts involve my personal angst which I knew I’m not supposed to shout it out, but I really need to. It was mainly regarding my school life, and how an introvert lived through the life of fun and friendship… high school life. I was planning to extend it, but too much is enough and it may take forever for this series to end. Still, I find it remarkable so I decided to share it through blogging and that was that.

Your Virtual Alter Ego

I’m pretty much obsessed with personalized avatars since I’ve just created my first e-mail. I started with Yahoo Avatars which is pretty awesome in terms of graphic quality and animations. And then it followed with Meez, Buddypoke, and so on… And that’s how they give me the idea of how would I possibly look like with those cool outfits.

I blogged about it, as well as my fascinations with it. I’ve included about more than ten photos, all of them created using Yahoo Avatars and Meez. It’s like a gallery of avatar generated models all wearing unusual (I think) and cool outfits.

Like A Maze (On Directions And Road Maps)

Well, I like going out a lot, all by myself. I was wandering around the streets, landmarks and lots of commercial establishments as means of preparing myself if ever my job takes me to (this place) or  (that place). That gives me a good head start, but I was so obsessed with it that I wanted to write something about it, as well as giving a few tips that can help you throughout the city trip.

My World Online / It’s Me Before Facebook: Great Sites Missed

These articles tell much about my online experiences, especially in social media. I wrote about it out of fascination, and out of reminiscence as well.

Perfectionist Ideals

I am a perfectionist. Hence, I need to express this with perfection as well. That should explain why it took me longer to finish a simple post or redesigning this blog site. I wanted to make sure everything is pleasing to the eye of the reader, aesthetically and grammatically.

A Critical Approach In Life

I’ve been thinking twice before posting this… but I need to be frank, at least once. If you really want to know me in a straightforward manner, then this is the article. That explains who I really was, but no offense, please…

Misconceptions And Some Confusions About Me

This is the friendlier version of the above-mentioned article. It’s basically about interests and likes, just the stuff I’m into.

Hallo-Hallo Orange: A Halloween Concept

This is based on the DQ Halloween Dilly Bar that I ate in October 2012. Upon seeing some of my pictures, I feel like sharing it as well and it would be a perfect post for Halloween season. It was kind of late though since I posted it just a few days after the Halloween.

Feast Of Happiness: A Yuletide Post

My first Christmas post for TWATKcox. It tells about the spirit of the Yuletide season and how we celebrate Christmas. This is simply done out of the need to have a holiday post, but that should do it. It was rushed as well.


So I’ve listed some of the posts written for this year. By the time another year begins, expect a lot of great things to come as I’ve prepared some surprises for TWATKcox’s second year in the cyberspace.


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  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂 🙂

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