That Incredibly Cold Weather

These past few weeks, Manila is experiencing such incredibly cold weather. Even with my thick black coat, I could still feel the cold. At home, I’d definitely wear my black sweatshirt, especially at night. I keep myself wrapped up to avoid catching a cold, though this is my common sickness.

The cold season happens usually between November to February. And during those times, it’s understandable to wrap up in those cool, double-layered outfits (coat or jacket included) just to keep yourself comfortable and warm. Some of the things I enjoyed during those cold days and cold nights are wearing thick clothing or double-layered outfits, sipping hot drinks or soups, and staying in bed all morning. But of course, I also need to get myself protected against colds and coughs.

Despite the fact that the cold season had already ended, I would still love to write something about the great things about this kind of weather. The hot weather’s slowly taking over, and I have a feeling that summer’s not too far away. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying every bit of it.