Galloping To Happiness: The Year Of The Horse

October 16, 1990. Year of the horse. Quite remarkable.

Oh, let’s get on with this. The gallop usually takes place every 12 years. And what makes the past Year of the Horse (the year 2002) so special, at least into my life? Let’s find out.

Year Of The Horse 2002

My life that time is neither 100% good or bad. I was just a sixth grader who is experiencing great troubles in life. But despite that, I was still able to enjoy that kind of life (like Mom buying our first computer set for us, playing RPGs and exploring the virtual process).

It is my year but based on my experiences during that period, it’s 50-50 happiness. My classmates back then don’t care much about me (except for a few), feeling envious of what they have and who they hang out with. I was a nobody. But I have a variety of reasons to enjoy being twelve. So it was basically RPG games, Chips Challenge, and animé, plus Saturday mornings. The school is pretty boring anyway (and not fun) if you ask me. Being at home with the computer is definitely the best.

Fast Forward 2014

Yes, twelve years later, it’s time to once again gallop for happiness. It’s time to discover a lot of things… but most of all, I should enjoy whatever I have while I still can.

Like in 2002, I should enjoy life and stop worrying about such terrible incidents (or troubles) in life. It is more of living healthily through a stress-free life. I should focus on my future even though I hate the thought of growing old. I want to replicate my near-perfect 12-year-old fantasies: RPGs, animés and Saturday mornings but it’s next to impossible, especially when I’m supposed to go to work. With my smartphone and some of my cherished treasures (mostly animés and books, and my collection of jazz and easy listening tracks on PC), I don’t really need to replicate my past experiences. I believe that will be too childish, so be it.

Living happily this year is my aim to a better life. I resigned from my first job, which isn’t exactly my first choice. I need to start looking for an appropriate job, and I heard that publishing and advertising jobs are the best jobs this year (being the year of the wooden horse, that is).

Habit-wise, I should keep on doing the things I love: writing and drawing. Perhaps, they are just for aesthetic or poetic purposes, but a lot of people got famous for these. And I mean big ones.

Eating healthy… I’ve been considering it for quite some time now, since working at night often lead to a craving for fast food especially during weekends (the office cafeteria is open 24 hours a day except holidays and weekends).

Relationships? Not yet, though this is the best time… I’m not interested in having relationships, that’s all. If you have one, hold on to it.

Attitude wise… I find it impossible to stop knitting my brows. I’m like that though some people thought that I was cranky and unfriendly. Yes, I’m that cranky (at times) but at least I’m not that snobbish. I tend to become ballistic whenever I get frustrated and mad in these unwanted situations, mainly personal.

I should never skimp on sleeping, and I should be reading more books (novels and manga books) than usual. Perhaps, it’s also the best time to start ditching those unwanted characteristics and starting over… a new me. No need to change a lot, just the ones that you don’t want to keep.

That’s all I need to list down for this year… but of course, there’ll be some changes. In order to gallop to prosperity, one must have not only luck but determination as well. So enjoy the rest of the year and happy galloping everyone, this “Year Of The Horse”!