The Smartphone Revolution

Since I got my very own smartphone early this year, I took fancy to it just like when I got my first camera phone. I’m getting even more excited filling it with games and app that I thought would run on my previous phone. The first few days (and weeks) turned out to be the busiest moments for me and my smartphone. Afterwards, it became a habit.

How and why am I fascinated by smartphones doing a lot of work is quite understandable. Here are the reasons:

  • Smartphones became more popular these days, due to functionality. Surfing the net, taking pictures and videos, watching favorite shows in high definition, listening to music, chat, play games, creating and editing documents in the form of word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet, reading e-books and PDFs… the possibilities are endless.
  • Smartphones mean convenience at your fingertips. Like what I mentioned above, they can get your work done without having to bring a bulky laptop or lots of pen and paper. You can also get away with carrying lots of hardbound and softbound books as well by means of e-books in various formats (though I’m actually sticking to the physical ones).
  • Smartphones act as a portable computer, you can almost do anything on it from personalizing your handset to running apps and games with cutting-edge graphics and brighter screen. It caters to your preference(s) and expectations, something that I liked the most.

Instagram, Candy Crush, Skype…

All right, just two of them would suffice. I’m not much into communicating with the rest of the world via web camera right now, and my phone doesn’t have the front camera either.

I’m lured to Instagram out of wanting to join the growing number of smartphone users obsessed with taking pictures and sharing them online other than Facebook. With a little editing (through the effects function), your photo will definitely look better than ever, plus gain some likes. Right now, I’m just starting.

I’m also a Candy Crush addict, constantly playing the game almost every day. Though it was a bit late, I’m trying to catch up (and I have a hard time finishing higher levels). Addictive as it is, that game is added to my list of favorites.

Of course, there are a lot of other apps that generally interests me (and later installed on my phone). I’m still getting used to it. Swipe, click, type, shake…


Android, Windows Mobile, iOS… They may have differences, but as long as one of these mobile OS appeals to you then this is not an issue. It’s a preference thing.

Mainly, I chose Android since a lot of people are into Android smartphones, and due to a lot of advantages such as more apps and customization options. But I’m open to trying other mobile OS as well, like iOS for instance…


They’re currently taking over the mobile phone world, and a lot of people took fancy to it. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of fun and productive moments, just me and my smartphone. In this busy world, they’ll come in handy.