Robots Or Dinosaurs

Robots or dinosaurs?

I’m a human, of course!

This is quite a silly question, though it’s fun. But if I decide to choose which one, then I’ll go for robots since dinosaurs have long gone extinct. Kidding aside, but robots are the in thing as of this moment. And they are the coolest creatures ever.

Now, for the real deal… is this regarding what a person is in real life? It would be like choosing between a modern person or an old-fashioned person. Why fuss over such a thing?

Anyway, I long to express my thoughts about comparisons between the so-called “robots” and “dinosaurs”. It’s modern life versus old-fashioned lifestyle.


Robots: Powerful, obedient, loves multitasking, always get the work done fast and efficient.

Dinosaurs: Grumpy, wild, sometimes on a rampage due to age. Difficult to get along with.

Makes sense now? Or do I have to give you a lengthy explanation? I think I’d rather not.

It seems like the robots and dinosaurs are in a row about the lifestyle. As time passes by, things are bound to change. But the beliefs and customs don’t change, as well as traditions. That’s understandable, that’s better (if I think the traditional way of life is far better than what our life is now). But then, are they not going to adopt the modern lifestyle, like getting out of the conservative life and try something trendy for a change?

The robots sure are the coolest thing ever and they’re easy to get along with. They share the same interests, they love doing two (even three) things at the same time. They’re looking forward to the latest trends, the latest shows, the future. The dinosaurs are sticking to the same trends, and are not open to joining anyone who’s not interested in the old-fashion way of life. No, not like that.

Pros and cons… The robots tend to be more casual, multitask often and enjoy life with technology. Social media is the best way to go, talking about a wide variety of topics from college life to interests. As for traditions, customs and beliefs… they would only talk less about it, or nothing at all. They only care about the present life and the future.

The dinosaurs are more of remembering the past, often talked about traditions, customs, and beliefs and avoiding topics which could affect morality. They’re open to modern life but they might find it unfitting. They only stick to their practices and habits, as what the robots are doing.

It’s okay to go old-fashioned, but make sure that you have an open mind and not what like some dinosaurs thought as immoral even though it’s not. Same thing goes for the modern day person, it’s okay to go your own way but remember to be considerate of others.

I was hoping that the robots and the dinosaurs will beat the odds and would get along. I’ll be even gladder if they did. If not, then okay… fine. But this clash needs to be minimized, for the sake of harmony.

Nonsense as it is, I had expressed my own views regarding who the robots are and the dinosaurs are. So there!