Something… Jittery

Ever felt nervous on various things in life? Was it about your upcoming presentation, first day at the school/office, going to meet someone from the higher position in the office, bad news, suspense, or something that scares you the most?

Relax… it’s normal to get nervous at times, though in excess it’s not going to do you any good. It’s just a part of your life, just to make sure that you’re still a human and you have feelings about certain things.

What Makes Me Nervous, And Why

Actually, a lot of factors make me nervous… intense worrying, upcoming examinations, job interviews, simple inquiries… a lot. But perhaps I could at least list down some remarkable cause of nervousness that could lead to shock or unconsciousness.

  • Fear of humiliation. I was having a hard time with inquiries or approaching someone I knew, possibly due to the fact that they might just give me a stare or say something bad that is equivalent to rejection. Because of that, I’ve developed rejection sensitivity and I’m reluctant and nervous to do anything related to asking questions or asking for help. Also, I tend to be a snob, leading them to wonder why I was not approaching them (though that slightly changed throughout the years, I still have the doubt). The reason for this dates back to my bad experiences in Elementary and continued until High School.
  • Possible bad news. Whether if it’s someone close to you just died or in a terrible situation, that would give me a shock and will remain at a loss for quite some time until I could finally redeem myself and getting over it.
  • Lost item, forgotten task or unattended matters. This is the reason why I keep on double checking on my things or anything at home. Before leaving the house, I always make sure that everything is unplugged, the lights are off, the doors are locked and the gas tank and water faucets are turned off. Common safety sense. On the road, I always checked my bag at times to make sure that I didn’t lose or even drop something on the way to my destination. It’s usually the valuables that I need to keep looking after. Not doing this could cause me more than a simple nervousness.
  • Time pressure. Time constraints are the worst cause of nervousness, whether you’re in a great hurry to get to school or work on time, or finishing a school project that needs to be passed the next day. Cramming before exams, doing lots of research and preparing everything before the deadline… it’s nervousness + stress.
  • Strict teachers, professors, school officials, and company executives and employees. Only if I underperformed or did something terrible (it’s mostly at school).
  • Blood + needle, and any health concerns. Injections… blood lancets… anything relating to needles can make me tremble. Like one time, during the pre-employment medical examination in my first job, I fainted after having my finger pricked by a lancet for the blood extraction. It took about five to ten minutes for me to get back to consciousness and another 30 minutes before I could finally get up and walk again. I was actually low blood that time and it was night shift. Also, various health concerns make me feel nervous as well, especially if it’s serious.

Being nervous and all, it always affects you and your mind. In my case, if ever I feel nervous, I could not think clearly and my actions kind of slowed down. Trembling also follows. Suspense continues. Until it reaches the conclusion–good news or bad news, depending on the situation. Seriously, I need to calm down after writing this… because initial reactions about newer posts make me nervous as well. Or so…