Obsessions: Writing

So I’ve been in this hobby-turned-profession (hopefully) for more than seven years… I spent most of the time in front of the computer, typing some stories that never got finished. I was able to finish some of them, but it took me from a few months to a few years just trying to complete each story.

And then there’s blogging. Since 2008, I’ve maintained a blog called the Kin Keihan Times, which ran for almost 5 years and with more than 50 articles and hosted in three blogging service providers: Friendster Blogs, Blogger, and WordPress. It was replaced with The World According To KCOX, the blog site that you’re visiting right now.

How did I get into writing? Well, after reading a scanned manga series which is stored in a recordable CD. I read some of the chapters, which fired up my writing ambition knowing that the manga series I just read is, well, dramatically awesome. Of course, it’s not easy at the beginning, but I was able to polish my ability to write stories and articles.

For more than seven years, I may have written some funny and humorous stories, but later shifted to dark themed stories which involved anxiety, depression, bullying, morbidity, self-harm and unpredictable violence. I didn’t know that even I myself was affected as well. Perhaps I might be casting negative vibes, but I don’t think I’ll agree with that one.

Right now, I’m doing well with writing articles. Perhaps, that’s something I’m good at. Writing stories needs inspiration, determination, and patience. Ideas alone is not enough, but that should give you enough reason to incorporate it into your story. Hopefully, I can do well in that field.