50 Facts About KCOX: The Golden List

Finally, for the 50th post, I can finally fulfill the ultimate wish… to publish the Golden Post in this blog. The concept for this post is related to who Keihancarl Oikou Xiaucham really is…

Alter ego, pseudonym, my other personality… it’s just me. And I didn’t create this identity just for nothing. It has a special purpose since I don’t want to use my name if ever I become popular or famous… or carry on the clan’s legacy. I want to have a unique, unusually weird, and well-established identity.

To find out who I really am, then read the entire list consisting of 50 facts about me.

  1. I love blogging. I love writing stories and articles.
  2. I’m a perfectionist, that’s why it took me long for a simple story/article to be done.
  3. I’m into reading books and other references. I’ve already collected a lot of books, waiting to be read.
  4. I have a tendency to go berserk, most of the time I can get frustrated in case something does wrong or my plan is not followed.
  5. I seek for refinement, I tend to be formal at times.
  6. I’m not into the latest trends, but there are some exceptions. I’m not into mainstream pop music, but I’m into the latest gadgets.
  7. I tend to get rebellious, especially when I’m anxious.
  8. I follow my own trend, especially if it suits me well.
  9. I’m quite particular when it comes to interests. Like, when it comes to some animé shows, if I like the plot, I’ll definitely watch the series.
  10. I don’t care if I consider myself as a weird person. I just want to be different from the rest, and not among the group.
  11. I’m fond of wearing unusual, layered outfits (such as wearing coats, jackets, and the like). I even have my own mix and match rules, to make sure that I achieve my intended look.
  12. I’m also into color combinations. Most of the time, I prefer red-black, orange-black, khaki-black, brown-black… for as long as it’s mostly two colors. At times, I go monotonous, like wearing all-black.
  13. I usually find myself alone and I’m comfortable being a loner. I rarely hang out with my friends and colleagues.
  14. I’m not a big fan of annoyances, especially if it’s plain unnecessary.
  15. I hate being called by my family name, that’s why I always ask everybody to just call me by my first name or my nickname.
  16. Whenever there’s something that interests me, I usually get obsessed with it. Over time though, I would definitely get over it.
  17. I love sweets. In fact, I would crave for something sweet (like pastries, candies or chocolate) after some meal.
  18. I prefer tea, juice and chocolate drinks over soda or coffee.
  19. I love sunny days, I also love summer days. Rainy days are making me gloomy.
  20. When it comes to food, I always love our very own Filipino cuisine, followed by Western and Asian cuisine. I’m not that adventurous though, I’m not into exotic food.
  21. I usually go out and go somewhere for sightseeing or book hunting.
  22. I always need to be prepared. Everything important (like my phone, house keys, grooming kit, emergency money) is stashed inside my bag just in case…
  23. I’m a shy person, so social interaction for me is fairly limited to just a few people. That means my closest friends and colleagues.
  24. If I feel motivated, I can go ahead and write a story or article about it. But then, I tend to forget some important details and it will be put off.
  25. I still play RPG games, but not to the extent that I become addicted to it.
  26. I love discovering new things. If I have the chance, I’d go grab the opportunity while I still can.
  27. I tend to get clumsy and awkward at times.
  28. Whenever that time of the year (Summer, an upcoming holiday or a remarkable event) comes, I always feel weird and excited at the same time.
  29. I plan ahead of time. That includes the outfit, itinerary or the event, and getting to the place.
  30. I’m usually punctual at the meeting place during some events and planned activities, but I’m also a notorious latecomer in class. I try hard not to get late at work.
  31. At times, I can be restless. I can’t simply sit still at times.
  32. In response to being a latecomer at some sort, I usually keep track of my time. If I can’t wear my wristwatch, I might get nervous whether if I can get there on time or not.
  33. I also tend to double check everything… from safety and security (inside the house) to my valuables (while on the road).
  34. I hate the thought of being rejected, embarrassed or turned down for a variety of reasons. I even have second thoughts about inquiring someone about important matters. It’s due to my previous bad experiences that I have this kind of fear.
  35. I can be creative, sometimes artsy. I’m an artistic person.
  36. I always appreciate simple things. I wouldn’t mind the grand luxury… for now.
  37. Lazy, sunny afternoons make me feel relaxed, making me enjoy doing my hobbies with some smooth music.
  38. I tend to rush things at times like I tend to hurry while walking.
  39. Strange as it is, I find joy in anything unusual. That includes music, books, shows, and collectibles.
  40. Dealing with irate and cranky people can make me burn out at any moment. If it’s the opposite, then I’m quite nicer than before.
  41. I enjoy being single. I’m not interested in having relationships, so don’t ask.
  42. I find myself watching informative documentaries and news programs. I don’t watch TV more than before nowadays, I just don’t enjoy regular shows like I used to.
  43. I always lie about my age… I make sure that I look a few years younger by any means.
  44. I’m prone to distractions, and I tend to procrastinate at times. I usually find myself checking web pages while I’m supposed to finish an article to be posted on this site.
  45. I simply don’t stand crowds. But even if there’s a crowd, like in a public transport or at a shopping center, I wouldn’t mind squeezing myself in a packed train or dodging people to avoid being pushed or bumped while doing some brisk walking (yes, I always do that as if I’m in a hurry).
  46. I rarely do this, but I tend to walk out when things get really worse and/or if a rowdy person is present. Either I find it offending to see someone getting drunk and starting to annoy me with unnecessarily unpleasant jokes or someone tries to pull an outrageous prank on me.
  47. People usually mistook me for a genius, due to the fact that I was wearing glasses. I’m not that intelligent though.
  48. People also thought that I was mad and cranky, due to my slanting eyebrows. I find it hard to relax my facial expressions, but I somehow managed to smile at all times.
  49. The closest people in my life (my family, relatives and friends) inspired me to do better, and I learned a lot from them.
  50. And most of all, I’m proud of who I am. I can’t be anybody else, but what matters is that I can reach for my ambitions and goals in my very own way. I love being myself, and I want to be unique as I have my own preference when it comes to life. I’m happy with it.

This long list is sure enough to know who I really am… but I believe that this list can be incomplete. Still, I was able to think 50 facts about myself. And of course, there are a lot more to be added to this list, but I decided not to.

For the Golden Post, this is truly a milestone for this blog. Imagine that I’ve already had about 45 articles within a year and now I’m writing this post… my 50th post. How did I manage to post so many articles with the procrastination or anything, I don’t know. Well, I hope that this blog will continue to bring more informative articles and stories about experiences and interests as time progresses. Onward, TWATKcox!