Starting Out (Timeline College Series #1)

Congratulations on reaching the 50th post for The World According To KCOX! I never thought that I would make it this far, and fast. This is an improvement.

For the 51st post, I’m going to begin another set of Timeline posts, this time focusing on my college life. Continue reading for more details.


Concept Behind This

College life is fun, despite the fact that you’re busy with extensive studying, complying with the requirements, dealing with lots of group activities and projects, and spending a lot of time with research work and finishing every paperwork that needs to be passed the next day. Exhausting as it is, but it created a wonderful experience when it comes to fun and pressure.

So I’m going to begin another set of Timeline posts, this time focusing on my college life. I’m sure that this is entirely different from the previous set of Timeline posts, which is mostly about my personal angst about my life in high school. This set of Timeline posts tells much about fun and friendship during my college days.

Starting Out (Timeline College Series #1)

I never have an idea what college life is like. I thought that college life is far too serious compared to elementary or high school, focusing on thesis, projects and far complicated lessons that average students can barely learn. But what I experienced during these times proved me wrong.

Anyways, the first day of college turned out to be great, and I made new friends. There’s self-introduction, sharing of interests and a lot more. It’s like getting to know one another and we all have fun.

I was either shy or was trying to adapt to a new environment since some of my classmates thought that I was a snob or anything. But of course, I was trying hard not to. This is not high school after all.

This is just the first part of the Timeline series about my college life. I’m sure there are others as well. Look forward to it!