Obsessions: Tea

Tea begins with an accidental discovery. And it evolves into a drink that everybody loved and enjoyed. And there’s tea time, morning, afternoon and party. And there are bottled tea drinks. And there’s milk tea that becomes a worldwide trend. And of course, there are unique creative tea drinks as well.

Since when did I enjoy drinking tea? I rarely drink tea drinks which need a few minutes of soaking the tea bag into a mug of steaming hot water and adding sugar to it. But in the past few months, I did, as I need caffeine during those so-called night shift days.

Two years ago, I’m lured into drinking milk tea which becomes a rare habit due to the fact that some variants are expensive… at most, over a hundred bucks (in Philippine pesos). But it was worth it, and I enjoy it a lot.

So when does drinking tea becomes an obsession? Well, I’m no coffee drinker, and I don’t like the taste of coffee especially without cream or milk. Tea is milder in taste, and it was soothing so it’s a perfect alternative if I need caffeine.

But I rarely drink tea nowadays, which means that I cannot call it a true obsession. Still, I enjoy it just the same and I get to drink tea drinks (milk tea or anything related) whenever I can. As of this writing, I’m waiting for a moment to have another sip.