The Return Of The Rainfall

These past few weeks, the weather in Manila is incredibly hotter than ever. Even wearing comfortable clothes or drinking cold drinks is not enough to escape the unbearable heat. We all have our own ways to beat the heat, even a drink of cold water will do.

But then it started to rain (at last), possibly ending the heat wave. Anyway, summer is about to end so why not we enjoy every rainfall? After all, it’s the start of a great relief after enduring the humid and uncomfortable heat. And it can even cool things down.

The return of the rainfall can be a great miracle, but we must be aware of the possible effects of too much rain. It’s bad enough that a little rainfall can flood the streets, causing trouble for the commuters and motorists. What more for a typhoon? And with the past calamities that struck the country, we need to be prepared for everything.

The rainy season is only a few weeks away, so we hope that the dry season problems, such as water shortage and dry crops, will be reversed. And don’t forget the umbrella when you’re going out.