A Long Forgotten Nostalgia

High school. I realize that I’ve been quite lonely despite the fact that I have friends and I hang out with them every so often (and rarely nowadays). Still, I know how it feels to be all alone. And until now, I’m still a loner.

Elementary. This is where fun and misery mix… beginning in fourth grade. Why am I still remembering this painful past, I don’t know. And a chance to meet my former classmates is practically next to impossible. I’m no longer feel any attachment to them and I’m fine with it.

There are lots of memories. But not all of them exists in mind anymore, as of this writing. Or simply forgotten out of new memories overwriting the old ones without realizing it. Despite this, just looking at the school you’ve been in, or looking at the pictures… there’s this memory that’s slowly returning to me. Like a long lost kid returning to his family after so many years.

The First Few Years

It’s not surprising that I’ll start missing those former classmates. There are lots of factors that can make me remember my elementary days… the pictures, the books, the RPG games that I used to play during sixth grade, the exchange of news between our parents, their relentless taunting and insulting statements… I sometimes wonder what happened to them after I left my former school.

These past memories are soon replaced by fun moments with my high school classmates. Of course, they’re here to cheer me up and to make me forget about my miserable past. It was kind of great. But of course, these old memories will come back anytime and there’s no avoiding it.

After Five Years

College life takes over and the fun continues… this time with meeting new classmates and friends. And in the process, I set aside thinking about my time in elementary and focused on remembering my high school life for the time being.

Every once in a while, I run into a classmate of mine, a friend or an acquaintance. It would be just a casual hi, or a smile. But running to a classmate in elementary is almost a rare occurrence, at least until I run into one of them, who missed me dearly.

I rarely go to reunions, sadly. And if I did, it would only be with my closest classmates and friends. One notable (and sad) reunion was when a classmate from my freshman year died, back in 2011. The same reunion happened on his first death anniversary. Seeing my former classmates from high school as well as my friends, it was like being back in high school again… only it was outside the campus grounds.

I almost completely forgot about my elementary memories, but it later made a resurgence when one of my former classmates wanted to meet with me. That, I’ll explain on the next part.

After College

How time flies. Before, I used to get emotional whenever I remember something from my past and then it disappeared like nothing really mattered. It’s moving on.

It started with text messages and personal messages (in social media), asking how I was doing, and then we decided to meet. That was okay, I suppose. At first, I was able to remember some of our classmates. For sure, he was not aware that some names don’t ring a bell to me. In fact, I’ve never even met them and they only become his classmates after my transfer to another school. And then there was exchanging news and all of that.

Just recently, going home from a 6 hour trip to wherever, the passenger van was taking a shortcut for the bridge along the highway was being rehabilitated. It passed by my school and a smile from my face after that. I sure missed a lot, knowing that simply passing by the school brings back great memories, even almost-forgotten ones.


Simply put, it was a long time since sixth grade so you can’t blame me if ever I can’t remember some events, remarkable or not. What matters is that there’s a way to refresh my memory by looking at my archives. That should give me some ideas on what I did during those times.