The First Few Months (Timeline College Series #2)

Sometimes, I can come to class in the morning. Sometimes, I can come to class in the afternoon. At times, it can be both. After the morning class, I can come home to have lunch and take a rest and then go back to school for the afternoon class. The great advantage to this is my house is near the school so I can just walk instead of taking a ride. It’s exercise.

Perhaps, I was becoming a great influence to my classmates. At times, I always bring a novel to school and read it during breaks and idle moments. Soon after, my classmates followed the same.

And of course, I decided to express myself through writing as well. I started my blog called The Kin Keihan Times (see the article) and spend time writing stories as well. I also made an attempt to write stories and articles on a piece of paper and type it later by the time I got home. I only ended up writing and completing poems though.

Since we don’t have an internet connection that time, I always frequented internet cafés just to check my Friendster account, download a lot of files or post an article/story on my blog. It was kind of addictive.

The most fun I ever had is being with my classmates. Especially when the class is ongoing, someone will crack up a joke and that keeps us all laughing. But of course, only when appropriate.


The first semester sure is filled with lots of activities, ranging from practices to performances. Group dance, interpretative presentations, cheer dancing, and a few more activities keep us busy, at least until the end of the semester.

By the time the first semester ends, we knew that we have to work hard in order to stay in the academic program. There goes the distribution of class cards and some anticipations that almost all of us will pass.

Half the year has passed. For the second semester, I’m sure a lot of fun is bound to happen.