Ideas Coming From Me, Keihancarl

Ideas. How they are made?

Well, it all starts with a topic, an interest or a situation that can later transform as an inspiration. I often research a lot, out of curiosity and fascination. Pretty soon, it becomes an idea that is formed by a combination of inspiration and determination.

I have lots of ideas in mind, yet I tend to forget some of it. Like when I decided to go somewhere to gather some interesting (and inspiring) ideas by just walking and sightseeing, and then losing it when I get home. It seems like my brain needs some memory retention job (it’s the brain that produces lots of ideas that I can lose later on).

It’s Definitely My Idea…

  • Of traveling to gather inspiration for my work. I could have typed it on my smartphone but I never got to do it (and if I did, it would be close to a meager).
  • Of wearing strange outfits (color combination, coats, and anything that fits).
  • Of listening to music while traveling (depending on the weather and the type of mood).
  • Of places where I want to go (and would want to visit again).
  • Of discovering something new (and exciting).
  • Of sightseeing, while taking pictures (and selfies… wait a minute, that looks like a narcissist’s field trip).
  • Of eating to heart’s content while on a budget (with a definite gastronomic expectation, of course).

My Idea Comes From…

  • What I read
  • What I researched
  • Inspirations
  • Inspiring people
  • Music
  • Video games (RPGs are the best)
  • Places I visit
  • Interesting topics
  • Shows I watched (mainly anime shows)
  • Random people’s outfit
  • Saved web pages

My Expectations

I have a hard time meeting my expectations, though I was able to brainstorm and create wonderful ideas on everything I do. Over time, it becomes a matter of determination for me to finish my work and do the things I love.

Well, to think that I can make it this far, I knew that I’m determined to continue what I’ve started. And so, I’m expected to continue it while I still can.


June 24, 2008… I started the blog The Kin Keihan Times. Fast forward 2014, I’m celebrating its 6th year in the cyberspace and my 6th year as a blogger. Even as an archive, it is my first attempt at blogging and was able to continue it until The World According To KCOX.

You can still visit The KKT Archives and read some of the posts there.