Obsessions: Sweet Treats

Cakes… candies… cookies… pastries…

Am I thinking too much about my obsession for sweets? Perhaps I am. This and a lot of sugar rush keeps me going though at times it tends to get too much. Hyperactivity? I suppose.

It All Starts With A Candy

As a kid, if I eat too many candies, my teeth will suffer. Or that’s what they keep telling me. Of course, too many sweets are bad for the teeth so if they want to have some, they can… only if they learn to brush their teeth three times a day. So much for childhood.

Nowadays, I find myself reaching for candies anytime without the same childhood reminders… yet I’m still worried about the possible effects of eating too many candies on my teeth. I only have a candy or two, at times none at all. Right now, I’m into Tic Tacs…

As Sweet As Cake… And Anything Baked

The next thing I’m going to feature is all about cakes. Yes, I love cakes and I love decadent chocolate cakes. I love cupcakes as well, and also brownies. I think I’ll never get enough of it.

Birthdays has it too… along with ice cream. Well, cakes are often the highlight of every celebration, and I always get to have some slices of it. Sounds sweet and heavy, if you’re talking about eating a cake after a sumptuous feast.

Anything with icing is sure tempting, and toppings make it even more presentable and mouth-watering. Perhaps, it’s okay for a slice or two.

Breads… Doughnuts… Pastries… Tarts… Arrrgh!

Who can’t resist such sweet treats? Chocolate covered, sugar coated, caramelized, cream filled… it will surely fill your mouth with such sweet surprise that you can even help yourself to another serving. It makes me smile and feel energetic at times.

Whenever I pass by some shops that offer these kinds of decadent treats, I feel tempted to try them… at least a piece. Some of them can be expensive though (such as a J.Co Al Capone doughnut that costs about 42 pesos a piece or a mochi ice cream for about 70-90 pesos each), but every bite is more than enjoyable.

Cold Treats!

Of course, who wouldn’t love ice cream? Such a sweet, creamy and cold delight will always be a part of our obsessions, especially in a tropical country where I live. For a hot day, nothing beats a scoop or a small cup of ice cream.

Halo-halo, a popular Filipino dessert with shaved ice, milk and various ingredients served in a tall glass, is usually served during summer. It’s another great way to beat the heat, perfect for an afternoon snack as well.


So much to feature, so much to say. That explains I have a sweet tooth and I will always crave for sweets whenever possible. Every craving is a moment you’ll never (or ever) forget. Well, that makes it a very sweet obsession.