Obsessions: Weird Fashion

You want it simple, or you want it unusual?

Obviously, I’ve already stated in my golden (50th) post that I’m different from the rest. And that includes my outfit. Simple as that. If you mean unique, it means that you stand out from the usual crowd.

Now, if ever they see me in my unusually uncommon outfit…

  • First impression: Is that guy from another country? (A few people asked me the question too, and they were amused by the way I look.)
  • Second impression: Is he doing a cosplay? (Not to mention that I really wanted to do one but that would have to wait…)
  • Third impression: Is that guy weird? (Very obvious. You already see me in that strange outfit, do you?)
  • Fourth impression: Is he in the wrong country? (Just like the first one.)

Maybe they thought it’s uncommon for them to see someone wearing a khaki coat with matching red scarf, which by the way is one of my signature outfits, and they have certain misconceptions about that person whether he is really weird or he is from another country. For me, it’s called preference.

Simply put, every one of us has our own preference when it comes to outfits. Even in other countries, you’ll see a few people wearing strange outfits and even famous personalities do it as well. Think of Boy George of Culture Club (in his androgynous look in the 80’s, I adore that man aside from his singing) and Lady Gaga (with fame and glamor). It’s how you carry it, that’s what matters.


It all started with various drawings of made up characters in their strange outfits, and then avatars (I liked Yahoo Avatars the best but, unfortunately, it was discontinued), and then various anime shows and manga novels… and of course going places where I get to see people in their preferred outfits. And since college, I break away from wearing simple outfits and started doing some mix-and-match, and wearing layered outfits.

I take it up to the next level upon purchasing the khaki coat from a thrift shop (I also bought a brown blazer prior to that but I don’t wear it much), and adding some accessories such as a red or green scarf, black fingerless gloves, sun visor cap and some bracelets to be worn on the right arm with the digital watch on the other. At times (and at most), I always do color combinations with black as one of the two colors.

So now, you’ll see me around town wearing that khaki coat and red scarf either tied around my neck or on my wrist (hidden by the sleeve) and you’ll ask… are you from another country? Maybe, but I’m just what you call unusual and this is me.