This Weird Feeling

A commercial establishment near the residence, a visit to a friend’s house in the middle of the night just to watch him sleep, crossing a bridge after a storm…

Of course, it’s all fiction, they’re just my strange dreams from the past few weeks (except for the “crossing the bridge” part which is from years ago). In fact, it’s not making any sense to me… well, that could be possible, but no. It doesn’t make sense.

Setting aside my weird dreams from these past few weeks, why do I have this strange feeling of anticipation whenever I thought of semestral breaks (more of a Halloween season), Christmas or summer season? I know it’s just plain excitement, but I can’t help smiling a lot and planning something just for this purpose.

If I can’t help anticipating that something good is bound to happen during these days, then I’m fired up to do anything. I feel inspired. But of course, that depends on the situation.

I Feel Weird

Of course, everyone can have this weird feeling. And it can either be good news or bad news.

If you think that this is good news, you’ll feel excitement knowing that the best thing in life may arrive at any time. If it’s the opposite, then you’ll feel an extreme fear that something terrible happened. Both of these can literally affect whatever you’re doing at the moment.

Or maybe you’re really not feeling well at this moment. It’s like you’re going to faint at any time, possibly due to exhaustion. That may be the sign that you’re really going to be sick.

Sometimes, there’s a possibility that you actually predict something will happen. It can be something good, or something terrible. But then, it doesn’t always happen just like you thought.

Well, I might be thinking about it too much, but then this could explain why I’m acting funny all of a sudden.