Photography Without A Photographer

Taking pictures of yourself sure becomes easier these days, thanks to the monopod. Before, you can only rely on the length of your arms just so you can take a picture of yourself. Well, there’s the tripod at least, but they can be bulky and hard to carry at times.

Oh, did I just mention monopod? Sure it is. And it’s a perfect tool for self-photography. It’s lightweight and not as bulky as the ordinary tripod. I can even take it everywhere.

Nowadays, the monopod is making a trend in the world of photography. And I’m sure that makes a perfect tool for a selfie addict like me.


I recently bought a monopod for a few hundred bucks, and it’s doing me a great favor in taking pictures. But since my smartphone doesn’t have a front camera, I only rely on aiming the smartphone’s camera carefully on myself and still manage to get the right angle.

After placing the phone in its handle and adjusting the desired length, as well as tightening some screws, you’re all set! All you need to do is set the camera’s timer on your phone and aim the camera on yourself using the monopod.

I already did this a few times, and I think the shots are okay. Just make sure that the hand holding the monopod is completely invisible from the picture though.


Imagine taking a picture of yourself as if there’s a photographer in tow. Now wouldn’t it be nice?