Criticizing Rude Behavior In Public [E]

Let’s take a moment to talk about that erratic rude behavior in public. How would you feel when you see one?

This is a very offensive post. Reader’s discretion is strongly advised.


Rude behavior in public… how would you feel when you see one?

I rarely encounter people with rude behavior, especially in public. Well, it happens everywhere and it does come up as a surprise. It can instantly make you irate and be boiling mad, leading up to getting back to the rude person who did such thing to you.

List Of Unexpected Rude Encounters

  • There are times when people suddenly blurt out crude words just to make you get out of their way. This is unacceptable.
  • Bumping into you and not apologizing, even if you gave them the look. Stupid, careless people.
  • Some impatient, killjoy old people. Very fond of blurting out words just to discourage them/get out of the place. No offense, but that would only make them disrespect their elders.
  • Rude foreigners disrespecting the locals.
  • People breaking the queue. Not only it is rude, but irritating as well.
  • Girly cat fights. Whatever they’re trying to argue about, this should not be brought up in public. Same thing with guys, you shouldn’t go and hit each other with punches in public.
  • Road rage. A real threat drive.
  • Unnecessary harassment. It could be any kind. Sometimes, these perpetrators are fearless while doing this.
  • Bullying. It usually happens in schools, but it could also happen elsewhere.
  • Simply getting mad and irate in public. It’s understandable in some cases, but be mindful of the people you’re venting your anger with.

Criticizing Rude Behavior In Public

In public, you’re expected to act appropriately. But a few people forget this rule. In fact, they acted as if they’re still at home. They’ve got no shame.

Exhibiting rude behavior in public is gaining attention to yourself. You’re attempting to do such a scandalous act so that they can notice. To think you’ll become famous, yes you will. But you’ll be ridiculed for your actions.

Like the “Boy Bulalo” issue. A drunk man came to the bakery and asked for an order of the famous bulalo (beef shank soup). He must have been in the wrong place since the bakery’s staff gave him a bulalo cup noodle instead of the actual thing. So that made the guy went berserk. Some kind of a jerk he is, he asked for bulalo in the wrong place. Now, he is being ridiculed for his actions and was the subject of some memes. A smartphone app based on Flappy Bird was even dedicated to him, entitled Bulalord.

Foreigners aren’t exempted here. In case you remember the famous saying “when in Rome, act like the Romans”, that means you need to abide by the customs and laws of the country you’re visiting. That includes respecting the locals.

If you’re planning to get drunk, make sure that you’re not going to make a ruckus. By the way, I hate dealing with drunk people and I try not to get irate while dealing with them. Certain incidents of rage inside clubs and bars caused by too much alcohol consumption are common news to me.

Respect women. Some perverted guys are fond of doing harassment acts to women, most of them unnoticed by the public. Of course, it will only gain attention once she notices and starts hitting the guy and calling him a pervert. In response to this, there was the implementation of segregating women from men.

Venting out your anger shouldn’t have to be like a public action-packed show. I mean, throwing punches at one another and pulling each other’s hair can aggravate the situation, with people watching and all that. And if you’re fond of provoking someone, then you’re an idiot. Fights ensue just because of some troublemaker like you.

Driving a vehicle requires you to respect the traffic law, respect fellow motorists, respect the passengers, and respect the pedestrians. And of course, respect yourself. If you’re going to be reckless in any way, chances are a road rage will ensue. You wouldn’t want that to happen, especially if there’s a weapon involved (e.g., guns, knives, even cast iron pipes).


Being rude is unacceptable in any way possible. So if you’re thinking of being one, then prepare for trouble ahead. Don’t blame them for mocking your bad attitude later on. Anyway, it’s you who started it so go blame yourself then.

Grow up, people. The public is there to watch over you so try to act appropriately and stay away from trouble. Don’t make a scene just because you feel like it. Be friendly and avoid fights as much as possible. And of course, respect the people around you.