Obsessions: Food

Obviously, I love eating great food so I consider this as one of my obsessions. Don’t get me wrong about eating as a profession, I only consider it as a gastronomic pleasure. And I ain’t gonna pig out just because I can.

When you say food, it means anything meant to be eaten. It can always be delicious, and it should always meet your taste bud’s expectations (or, in my case, my taste bud’s standards). But if you should consider food as a delicious thing meant to be eaten, then you’re considering your taste buds to be choosy or selective. In other words, you’re a picky eater.

What I Eat Is What I Enjoy

The joy of eating… My mouth waters every time I see a delicious food being cooked and prepared. Oh, how hungry I am! And my stomach can’t wait another minute!

Preparing the food can be enjoyable as well. All it takes is your preference and your trusted sense of taste. With the right choice of ingredients as well as the proper way of cooking a dish, you’ll enjoy every bite of it in no time.

There were lots of local and international dishes that I liked best, and there were some that I’ve yet to appreciate. As for exotic cuisine, I’m not that adventurous (well, I used to) and I can be meticulous when it comes to food choices. Apparently, I’m a picky eater so I tend to choose what I want to eat anyway.

Of Gourmet Choices And Sweet Treats

I did mention in my previous blog posts about my obsessions with tea and sweets, and I’m more than ecstatic upon taking a bite of a Mochi ice cream or a sip of strawberry milk tea (with panna cotta as a perfect sinker). Of course, there are a lot more to discover and to love.

These past few years, I started to try out some of the restaurants’ great dishes. So far, I’m satisfied with some of their great offerings and would be back for another.

In fiestas and celebrations, where there is a catering service, you can help yourself to different dishes. Well, I sometimes aim to try each of the dishes and ended up not being able to finish all the food on my plate. Since then, I decided to help myself with just a few dishes, and in small portions.

Eating Out, Or At Home

That doesn’t matter, as long as the food is good anyway. But of course, home is where you’ll enjoy your meal best.