The Strange Feel Of Upcoming Summer (Timeline College Series #4)

It’s already 2009, and it’s the start of a new year. Every new year feels strange, it’s like starting over (it’s just the calendar, though). Aside from that, the smell of gunpowder from firecrackers filled the air and that was kind of toxic and unhealthy.

Moving ahead, there are a few more activities to do before this school year concludes. More importantly, we should be preparing for two important exams: The Battery Exam and The Departmental Exam. The former is the highlight of this academic program and is highly important because if you fail, then you’re no longer allowed to continue the said academic program and you may have to transfer.

Before that, there was a community program (about plastic bottle vegetable garden) and a school trip as part of NSTP-CWTS. For the school trip, we visited two institutions and had a picnic at Tagaytay with the view of Taal Lake. And there was a group dance for Phys Ed, and we spend afternoons of practice.

Sure, summer is just around the corner. And I always enjoy blogging this much, though I focused on short stories posted to my former blog site (usually in parts). Well, maybe it was time to focus with the studying, besides I need to be prepared for the Battery Exam which took place in April. And yes, I passed the exam. I was in 18th place.

All right, a lot of things happened this semester so why not enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation? That includes a nice trip to the beach and familiarizing myself with a camera slider phone and all of that. And that’s where I began wearing layered clothing, just to be different. Of course, I can’t wait for the next semester (another school year) to begin… but I’ll have to continue this another post.